I bought coffee at Bucky’s this morning at 10:30 as usual, with some crimini mushrooms to practice.  Raven is down in Santa Cruz exploring new possibilities. A stop at Salvation Army found a really nice lamp mantle with roses to add to the brass lamp and a broken immersion blender I easily fixed with a washer. Also a closet hanging storage unit like the one that burned up.
Back home I cooked up a fine batch of chicken soup with rice and lots of veggies, three full bins for lunches and one for me now, really tasty.
I’m planning an antipasto for the Christmas party at work, marinated mushrooms. I cut up a full onion cut large, garlic, garden herbs of rosemary, thyme, tarragon and oregano, chopped fine. In the big new pan a large dose of olive oil, onions in translucent, then the mushrooms rolled around to cook well as buttons, garlic and herbs. As it got close a dash of white wine to simmer, into a bowl, with lemon juice, zest, balsamic vinegar and a dash more olive oil to marinade. Testing an onion it’s going to be good once the flavors marry. This will be the test batch. I’ll make it again with more mushrooms for enough for the party.
I worked on the bass guitar body today, the wings. I used the band saw wide open with caution to cut the upper wing angle to allow the players arm clearance on top, then cut the back waist for belly clearance top and bottom wings. I used the lapidary sander to smooth out the cuts, then used it to facet a curve around the wings front and back. It’s looking good.
I left the inside of the horns for the rasp, formed in and again with the round Shurform then 80 grit sand paper. There are some radial cracks in the hickory, I filled with dust and super glue, acrylic, several applications and sanded back, be fine. The lower horn needs extreme clearance for the high notes, rasped deep and sanded course with 80 grit. A few cross cut saw scars used the swan scraper then sanded. It’s looking good.
I’ll need to plane or sand the wing and neck flats for a clean glue connection. I’ll finish forming and sanding the wing neck after they are glued up.
I trued up the neck finger board sides some with a file on the bridge end. It needs the fret grooves to be deepened, perhaps inlaid mother of pearl dots and sanded smooth before installing the frets.

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