A good day. I’ve been making the bass guitar for Raven, the neck is nearly ready for the body wings. I carved the neck last night until midnight, my finger skin is thin from sanding.


I needed to sand down the back of the head a little more this morning to even out the thickness and remove a few plane snags using the lapidary sander. I like the way the tuning head turned out with the back flair, comfortable.


Today I cooked weekly lunches of chicken noodle soup and butternut squash with bacon from the farmers market. Tasty stuff.

I radiused the rosewood fingerboard later, tedious work with a curved sanding block sanded on the lapidary and glued 80 grit with Barges cement, but it’s ready for the finer grits. Purple floor and all vacuumed up. This pick is before the radius.


The fingerboard near the bridge is a lot wider so it took a lot more sanding to get the constant radius of the block. The fingerboard should be even as I got it all to clear the center arch about the same time.  I’ll need to sand it with finer grits but this stuff is hard enough to hold it’s shape without using the curve block and catching the edge radius smooth. I’ll also need to re cut the fret slots to allow for the curve using the existing slots carefully as guides. It’s going to be a fine guitar.

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