I really wanted to work on the bass, but Raven needs the bed in the vardo to have an extension into the aisle for length. We headed to town for coffee, stopped at the farmers market for carrots and a pomegranate, don’t need much else as I have plenty of veggies.  We need some 3/4 plywood to make the bed extension, off to Healdsburg Lumber. A half sheet of AC costs nearly a full sheet of CD, we’ll take the full sheet, cut it in half, done. We stopped at Salvation Army as Raven is looking for boots, no luck. I didn’t get anything as the garage is full of stuff from Lori to go through. She’s moving to Oregon and we loaded a truck full last week.

Back home, I cooked up a stir fry with chicken breast, a huge carrot from Moreen, chayote, frozen O green beans, cabbage, broccoli, onion, garlic, garden herbs and ginger served with rice. I attempted to make a chicken soup with O frozen mixed veggies, onions, garlic and some rice.

Out in the vardo, we measured different ways to make the extension, finally agreeing that two small benches 17 1/4″ high by 33″ long and 17 1/2″ wide would make a good extension or seats. I laid out the plywood and cut it using the skill saw for the main panels, then used the table saw to cut the legs. I cut 2 1/2″ sections 17 1/4″ long and screwed them together double to make the legs. Meanwhile Raven went through the stuff from Lori. Wow, a real crystal ball, full set of china, art supplies, Pots and pans, so many cool things. To bad the shoes don’t fit, somebody will. Wow, wow.

Back inside, oh no, I forgot the soup, burnt on the bottom and mushy over cooked. I put it in plastic containers but it’s really cat food at best. Oh well. I cut the parts for a miter box and clean up. Raven is off to town for a Winter Fest as I stay home to check out more guitar build videos on YouTube.

This morning, Raven’s made her rice and stuff, back to bed. It rained. I cook up a poached egg in the new big pan with the egg tray I got at Sally’s, sour dough toast and nuked bacon, tasty. I’m off to town as I need a new idler pulley to fix my truck steering pump. They don’t have it but it’ll be in at 3:00, order it. An O zucchini and a couple potatoes from Shelton’s. Home. I make a new batch of chicken soup with the other carrot, a frozen chicken breast, green beans, onion, garlic, garden herbs, zuke and a potato. Lunch and plenty for the week.

I work on assembling the miter jig, centering the wide long piece with the square marked, mark the two narrow long pieces center and each side. Align and clamp in place, drill and screw, repeat for the other side. Align the upper short squares clamped and screwed missing the lower marked screws. The Japanese flush cut saw is perfect for the frets at .024, glued will cover it. Used to cut the miter slots square and true. I use the paper scroll folded in half I laid out using the milling machine at work, dead on less the ink line. Marked with the Exacto knife to center each line with a nick. Find the nick with the knife and slide in the square, scored to a square line all the frets.

Enter the miter frame. I need to hold the wood true. I cut a pair of wedges to hold the fret board to the square edge. Two clamps hold the aligned work as I make the cuts. I use a piece of tape to gauge the depth of cut. It works, though I may need to deepen and contour the cuts after the fret board is compound curved.


Raven needs to go to claim the FIMA hotel room, I need to get the car part, we head out separately as I pass her.

I get the pulley and bearings, but the mount is not included. Luis and I spend a couple hours getting the old bearing off and finding the right parts to make it work. I should have gone to Pick and Pull for the whole assembly. But we get it to work well, my steering pump works.

Back home, I finished cutting the fret board using the miter jig, 24 frets. I’ll need to cut the excess off the high end and finish it smooth. But I have it, a fret board ready to glue on the neck. A major accomplishment.

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