I had a fun day today, I headed to town, Bucky’s for coffee. Up at the Farmers Market I scored more pineapple guavas, an egg plant and butternut squash from Moreen, Duncan’s crimini mushrooms, a zucchini, some lemons and a cucumber.
Off to the huge Salvation Army, they sell boats and cars, five stores. I found a good coffee grinder I need as the old one is in pieces to switch on. I also found a round 3 lb weight good for making baskets to hold the base flat. As I was coming out of one of the stores, my friend Joe was there with step daughter Haden, excellent. We went through the cheap bins together, he bought crutches, I bought my stuff for $2, score. We all headed home.
I’ve been working on an electric bass guitar as Raven lost hers in the Valley fire, she lost everything, her house, truck and job as she worked at Harbin hot springs. Esalen offered her two weeks free, she’ll be at Elliot’s tomorrow where I’ll pick her up. Fortunately she has the vardo gypsy wagon here.
So back home, Joe and Haden went out back to toss a football as I cut out the card stock pattern I received of a Fender Stratocaster traced by my boss’ husband.
Meanwhile Joe comes in, his wedding ring has slipped off, do I have a magnet? That won’t work, but I have a cheap metal detector I bought at the same Sally’s. It works and beeps as we find his ring. It’s bent out of round from his working, we get out the ring mandrel, plastic mallet and wedge to knock it straight.
I keep working on the guitar body. I have a body plan I printed to scale at work using the CAD tools available, but it’s a five string. I prefer Barry’s strat, but transfer the last fret to position on my laminated through body neck I glued last week. Finding the center of Barry’s pattern I transferred the neck to the pattern. Then laid out the pattern to the wings on the hickory, using the negative open pattern to find the best wood grain. Draw the line.
Joe and Haden want to check on the river, I’m good with that. We walk down as they pass the football on the way. The river is up a bit from last weeks rain. We make the circuit around, coming out the rough road back to the grape vines. Joe’s considering taking his truck down, it’s rough, four wheel drive would be best. The buckeye tree is there, big inedible nuts unless you leach them like acorns, the stuff in them stupefies fish for an easy catch. Fish and Game wouldn’t approve.
Back home, Joe makes sandwiches of rolls, smoked Gouda, avocado, salami, mayo and cabbage, excellent. Cookies for desert. Time they went home with plans for a PVC greenhouse raising at Joe’s place in a couple weeks.
I cut out the hickory wings using the new 1/2″ band saw blade. I need to use relief cuts to make the tight curves, but this new blade tracks a straight line well, with a wide curve. As I’m sanding the cuts on the lapidary drum sander the neighbor’s grandson Jamin shows up.
He’s a good kid, wants to make something. The scrap wood is there. “Can I have some nails?”, “Here.” He makes a strange ninja pointy thing, good fun.
I finish out the guitar wings using a small drum sander attached to the drill to get the neck tight curves smooth. It’s still square blocked out, but the shape is mostly there. I lay it out on the leaf covered lawn for a picture in the dimming light.
I’ll need to get the precisely laid out frets cut into place and glue the fret board on the neck before I can shape the neck as I need a square form to clamp the glued boards together. This is a fun project, all the pieces have arrived from China and domestic. frets, tuners, bridge, pots for volume and tone. I’m building a bass electric guitar.

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