I woke up late this Sunday, oh maybe not as the clocks all need rolling back. Chili for breakfast I made last week. It’s raining, that’s good, we need it.

Out in the garage I cut the head stock angle back flush with the band saw set wide. This is tricky as I have a narrow blade mounted. Plenty of wood, I use the belt sander to smooth it. I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to install the truss rod into the neck. I have a router table, but the fences won’t go back that far, and the head will be in the way. If I remove the fences and clamp a board to the center line, I’ll be able to get a good cut. I have a 1/4 inch round router that just matches the truss rod shape I’ll use. I remove the fences, find a piece of redwood flat, but the clamps won’t reach. I break out the yellow deep throated clamp, it fits, and the ribs in the table form into the soft redwood so it doesn’t move with just the one clamp, cool. I use the square to set a line to the center of the bit, measure the neck at 2 5/8, half that 1 5/16 lines up with a table rib, marked. I clamp the redwood in line with the center line and back along the rib quarter so the neck head will stop the cut, but push it to the end of the rod, marked around with the square. A bit hard to put in words, but it works. I cut a shallow line to see, it’s a bit off center. I loosen the clamp and adjust it with a few short cuts to dial it in to center. I make several passes each deeper to depth of the truss rod. The top end is bigger. I nudge the redwood over each way and cut a deeper slot, not perfect but it will be covered by the fret board and the rod glued with epoxy will fill the errors. I nudge the board back to cut a way into the head for an Allen wrench to fit, a shallow cut, right on center, a few passes deeper, we’re good. I break out the old Foredom flex shaft with a round bit and trim up the head stock, deepen the end rod and clean it up. This will be fine once the fret board is attached with a cover over the truss port.


I cooked up a meat loaf and a batch of cauliflower unexpected cheddar soup. The soup turned out fantastic, two bins for lunches. The meat loaf, cooked in a glass pan, I was draining the grease and it got away from me, all over the floor. I’m lucky I didn’t get burned, a total loss, but the cat likes it.

Back out in the garage, laundry folded and away. I attempted to cut the back side of the head. This narrow blade is uncontrollable with such a wide cut. The belt sander put it back to flat. I’ll need a wider blade installed to control the band saw,¬†Fortunately I have plenty of wood, it will be a good bass.


A productive day, looking forward to the Macassar Ebony fret board Wayne is cutting. I’ll need to cut the fret slots before gluing it on.

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