I had fun this evening at work, I’ve spent $57 and change on bass guitar parts, tuners, truss rods, pickups, bridge, 500K pots, frets. That covers most of the hardware, all for $57, amazon. Some stuff will be here Thursday, the bridge November from China. It’ll take that long to build it anyway. They are not expensive parts, but this is my first go at making a bass electric, proto 1.
I also printed the excel file on fret spacing, went to the machine shop and drew out the 34″ spaced (25″) fret board using the digital readout, a fine point Sharpie and a roll of sticker backing. I ran out of space on fret 16, re positioned the metal bar to zero on fret 16 and finished by subtraction the 22 frets. Back in pretest, the plans call for 24 frets, recalculated online and subtracted for two more frets. I printed the top frets on page twelve of the plan, it aligns perfectly to the center of the frets. I brought the rolled paper fret measure home as we throw away the sticker backing in recycle. It’s near perfect, aligning to the center of the marker line. I am building an electric bass guitar. It will take some time and be fun. It will need an amp, manifesto that, we shall.

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