We drove to town in my truck, a cup of Bucky’s coffee, yes. Across the street to the farmers market, The melon guy is farmer Dave, good to meet. An onion from Steve. Duncan’s Mushrooms, pineapple guavas, a tomato from Kristen and Moreen, broccoli, a zucchini. We’re good.

Raven needs the bank, then off to the printers with card stock. Raven prints ten copies of her new Rune book, it should just fold up and sheer the edges on the paper cutter. I print up three new decks of Tarot cards, this batch has numbers on the Major Arcana and a spare fool and magician card. I need oil for the truck as Raven shops Good Will. We’re both hungry, let’s do Sally’s later.

Home for a taco feast. Onions diced in, garden herbs rosemary, basil and oregano with my garlic. O ground beef in, with a bunch of cumin. I picked a lot of tomatillos this morning which sparked this meal, roasted in the pan, more chopped garlic, a slice of raw onion, more cumin, garden thyme and half a lemon juiced, blended, wow, tasty salsa verde. Half an avocado sliced, tomatoes diced, organic corn tortillas pan toasted. Sharp shredded cheddar. We both eyes bigger than stomach, I finished mine stuffed but so tasty.

Off to the Salvation Army, I found two beeswax candles in the bins, one pure, one rolled red, a paper punch and some vinyl Dutch drawer liner.

Back home, it’s time to make a broom. Last week Raven picked willow tips by the river, with a couple possible handles. She lined up the fine tips and trimmed the big ends even as I sanded the handle willow stock on the lapidary to remove the branches. I scraped the bark off with a putty knife, trimmed the ends on the band saw, rounded the top, notched the broom end, then hand sanded it smooth. We worked together to tie the willow withes to the handle using my Dad’s bees wax Nylon sinew. A constrictor knot around the withes, another to the notch, then fit the handle to the withes. We work the sinew to around the withes with a hitch, tight, then several more to form a grape vine hitch, woven through the branches a couple times, then cut. We did another set of half hitch whipping above the first one, with a loop from the start tied in to tuck the end in. As we ended the hitches the end goes into the loop and gets pulled under by the loop, cutting both ends hidden. Raven trimmed the willow ends even with the snips. a willow broom, good magic, a wand and a cleaner.


Today is some Gaelic holiday, Samhain, Raven is off to a ritual in Sebastopol dressed in costume looking good. I cut a new deck of Tarot cards, the Major Arcana numbers work, although I used Arabic numbers instead of traditional Roman, oh well. Covers long since expired copy rights. I want to see how the new rune book works  A good deck and a good day.

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