Another interesting Sunday. Raven stopped by for some clean clothes this morning. She’s been staying up at Isis Oasis for the weekend as they are having an event. She’s selling stuff we made on a table in the yard near the parrots.
She brought along a walnut she picked up from the corner, there’s an English walnut tree there. Tasty nut. I grabbed my old pocket bag and headed up there picking as many as I could find off the ground and some from the tree. I don’t know about walnuts yet. I emptied them on the outside table and opened a bunch with pliers in a bowl. Some are good, some are green, some are rotten with worms. Then I looked it up on google. I’ll leave the rest of the picked green ones to mature and keep an eye on the tree.
Sunday is laundry day, do that. I opened the garage, dragged out a couple saw horses, grabbed a two by six ten footer after trimming leaning out back. About then a truck pulls in, it’s Sean. I’m working on a small raised bed to keep the gophers out of the onions and garlic.
I bought some chicken wire yesterday. I cut, predrilled and nailed the boards together for a small 3 3/8 x 2 ft bed. Three layers of the chicken wire offset should keep the gophers out. We talk while I’m doing this. Sean heads home North to Arcata.
I dug a hole in the main garden as the crab grass isn’t there and set the new frame down into the garden, not really raised, but gopher proof. I planted a bunch of onion sets, garlic next but gopher proof.
Laundry to dry, it’s hot. Time to make a basket. I have willow soaking in the long four inch bucket I picked last week, needs weaving. Willow is tricky stuff, not very long, tapered with big ends a challenge to keep in place, but strong, I got it, a medium willow basket.
Raven got home as I type this, we sold two decks of my home made tarot cards in pouches, two tinctures and a CD. Not bad.
She’s hungry, yesterday I made the best chicken veggie soup with several tubs for lunches, phenomenal so good, All organic, chicken tenders, farmers market zucchini, cabbage, mushrooms, TJ’s O green beans, my garden carrots, bouquet garni, garlic, tomatoes, O celery, TJ’s free range chicken broth with a dash of white cooking wine. Lunches will be fantastic with a slice of sourdough. Frozen spaghetti and stir fry to balance the week. A fine day indeed,

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