A good day. We got some stuff done. First thing this morning I started a batch of Meyer lemon marmalade as I had prepared it last night. 3 lbs sugar to 3 lbs lemons, just 4 cups water, two last night, two more this morning to dissolve the sugar. Cooked down in my big dog food stainless pan, it looks like a dog food bowl really big, with lots of surface area for evaporation. In between I did the laundry and worked on a new bucket seat for Raven. Oops, the marmalade burned just a little but it’s still really good, light color except a few strands.
As I was bottling up the last jar, Luis, my mechanic and good friend showed up. He waited for them to be in the water bath. He came over in the pickup he has for sale, a Nissan, 160K miles, $1,600. It’s a reliable truck, I trust Luis. He can fix my truck starter today after 4:00. OK, I’ll be there 3:30 (just in case it has trouble starting).
I push the laundry into the drier. The tomatoes I bought yesterday need processing, but Raven’s hungry, me too.
I had a dream of tortillas, tomatoes and cheese the other night, we have it, quesadillas. I pick some basil from the garden to kick it off, with figs from Luis’ tree on the side. Wow, so good, the yellow jackets want some too. I don’t like those bugs.
After lunch I work on the tomato batch, Gary’s process, blanch, peal, cut and remove most of the seeds saving the real tomato meat. “A few seeds don’t matter.” said Gary, he’s right. I cook it down in the dog pan thick. Meanwhile still working on the bucket seat. I set up the router with a round over bit. Clamped to Dad’s bench with a couple peg dogs in place to hold it. The router works well but I have to release and spin it to get the other side.
The tomatoes are done with a hint of star anise, canned just one pint and a cup, plus a half or two ounce jar for Raven to spread as mock ketchup. Thick stuff, less is more.
It’s time, I need to get the truck up town for Luis to fix my starter. Raven joins in. She’s been working on a booklet to go with the Tarot decks and needs a break. I park on the road with the key on the seat under the cushion. We check out the antique store and walk home. It’s really hot. Good thing Raven brought two bottles of water and a squirt bottle to keep cool. I mention meat loaf to use the ground beef, she says hamburgers would use less heat, good idea. Lunches for work.
As we get home I cook up three hamburgers, driving Raven out of the house with too much smoke and heat. I reverse the fan, open the back door and clear it out. I’m sorry, it’s OK.
Next a batch of chicken noodle soup. Carrots, mushrooms, chicken breast, onions, noodles, O broth, garlic and bouquet garni from the garden. This stuff is good, four buckets, yum.
Luis showed up with the truck fixed. I drove him home, he topped the oil, fixed the blinking break and oil light.
I found another piece of clean sandpaper and worked on the seat. The camera is acting up, I got it.
The bottom is routed to fit a bucket, wee bit crude, but it works. It will need extensive sanding and a good varnish to prevent splinters. That’s important.
A great day.

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