A magical day. I met Raven for coffee on time 10:30. I’ll need water, bought a set of bottles. Off to the farmers market. They have a few cornichon gherkins at Moreen’s place, not many. Home made bacon for more pasta y fagioli. Duncan’s mushrooms, tomatoes from Steve, we introduced, always a good guy and deal. Corn on the cob, a zucchini with one thrown in, a small sweet smelling melon, and green beans. We’re good here. I need good Shelton’s rice while Raven needs to print at the library, we’ll meet there. She prints the UPS labels for the wrong coffee pot, should have been a battery. We take my truck back to the UPS store next to Bucky’s and ship the damn thing back, success, mind Raven gets a receipt. They have color copies available, interesting. I drop her back to the library.

Next stop Salvation Army, Raven has drop off stuff, I go looking. I find a blazer jacket I’ve been looking for that fits me, the pockets are sewn shut, I can fix that, score. The tool room has a power miter saw, plug it in and it’s already on, blows a power bar breaker. No, not safe, I’ll pass. reset the breaker as the music comes back on. I find a small enamel canning pot, with a seven jar rack, a bit of calcium build up I can clean. This will take much less water to heat. I get it, with a tub caulking strip cheap. To the cheap bins, Raven is there. She finds a Ouija board, major good score, and a small cabinet to display potion bottles.



We’ll need to change the cabinet top logo, but it’s very cool for a display. I get some acrylic paint and a round widget.

Home for lunch of BBQ chicken, corn on the cob and green beans, excellent. After lunch I move out the cart, take it for a spin. Clean the garage floor of sawdust to lay out the big wheel, dusting and blowing it clean, face down after removing the hub extension. I mix up slow cure epoxy with a modified coffee stick, tack the hub spokes on the inside, just filling the cracks, then shift each fellow up and apply glue, both sides, pushing the metal tire back to fit. Eight fellows around, best I leave it alone to dry.



This wheel is solid, well done.

Raven has been working on the layout of her vardo invitation, transferring it from the screen to paper, major modifications.  Let’s go back to town to the UPS store where they have color printing. She prints nine copies with fading difficulties, a start. Meanwhile, I print three more decks of tarot cards and four pages of wish certificates.


We’ll revisit the invites, the wishes and decks are fine. A quick stop at the bike store for flag to keep the electric cart visible.

Back home,  cut up the wishes, folded invites are OK, one of three decks are cut out complete. We got a lot done, a fine day as we perused the net for ideas on cool labels. I tied the mirror on the car with a string to keep it attached, and wrote this. Wheels, Ouiga, wishes, invites, a cabinet and more tarot decks to build, a feast, magic indeed, well done.

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