Sunday, Just trying to stay cool today at 105F here. I can’t make the pickles, too hot. I did finish cutting out the last two decks of tarot cards. I also cut and sewed one row of velvet bags. A nine inch piece a yard wide, I got 13 bags, but several are too small for a deck. They could work for runes though. Cutting up the blue parachute cord I got 11 bags completed, 3 full of decks, 8 empties awaiting. The bags went well, seam over three quarter inch at a half for the seam long on each side, velvet up. Fold it in half velvet inside and start each bag at the previous seam to allow the tie strings. One seam side on the edge, in for the bag width. Another seam close to be cut, then the next bag width. The first few won’t fit a deck as I kept widening, it’s hard to judge. The very last is a tiny half, doesn’t really count.
I strung and cut one blue parachute cord to a comfortable length, melting the ends with my lighter. You need to keep your fingers wet as you twist the molten string round. I used a piece the same length as a standard, just measured at 11 inches.
I got 22 strings for 11 pouches. You could cheat and use just one, but two makes it close right. I used a straight overhand knot to hold them together, moving the knot out as I tightened it. I doubled a wire to fit inside the seam to catch the doubled over string, using my index finger to hold the pouch as I pulled it through, a learned thing as I went.
We have pouches, three with tarot decks. Eight more await. Some are big enough for another deck.
There is a huge piece of velvet left over for more bags or whatever. Two yards wide less 9 inches, plenty. We’ll need more strings or use other stuff.
It’s finally cooling down. Time for another cool shower.

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