I’m back from Michigan and back to work on the vardo. I met Raven as usual for coffee, picked up some water bottles and we headed for the Farmers Market. We decided on BLTs for lunch after the first round (with a stop for gherkins right away), picked up the bacon, went around again for the best tomato price and a melon on the way. Turned out the melon guy had the best tomato deal on the next round, lettuce, carrots for my lunches and more cucumbers for dills. Wait, one more back step for a zucchini. Where’s Raven? I found her hidden in the shade of a tree. A stop at Shelton’s for dill seed and good bread. Salvation Army, no good fitting sport jackets but Raven found another ceramic dragon for “magical stuff” to sell in the vardo.

Lunch time of said BLTs turned out fantastic.

I’ve been working on a downloaded Tarot deck I’d like to print on card stock but having difficulty lining up the duplex sides.


I want a small printable pocket size deck in a pouch. I’ll figure out the alignment issue yet, downloaded Kingsoft for a free Word doc at home.

Raven is working on staining the next screen for the driver side and a love potion in bottles.


I put the grey tanks on saw horses with the joining plumbing to test them. The right one is still leaking a drip, more epoxy I guess, we’ll need to get more. I try using the wavy connector type nails on the spare big wheel, it doesn’t work, splits the fellow, we’ll need to glue them with the same slow epoxy as needed on the tanks. I wood glued the broken part back.

I took the electric cart out of the garage and took it for a spin, drove the neighbor’s dog nuts chasing me up and down the road, great fun. It’s still running on a two week ago charge. The new battery shall be here around the 13th for long distance travel. Raven drew up a shopping list including a flag for cart.

I took the measurements for a large screen frame for the upper Dutch door, 30 3/4″ x 32″, cut up the last piece of partial 2×4 and split that in half for a thin frame cut to length. Slotted on the table saw, then a simple lap joint on the saw to be glued and lightly fastened, sanded on the lapidary to prevent splinters.


The vardo tarp has come loose, pulled out the grommet in back, I retie it using the grommet as a rock to secure it up with a clove hitch.


The water for the garden timer is clogged again, I clean it and water the garden, need to keep an eye on that. Another fine vardo day as Raven heads for home despite the nearing distant fires turning the sun red at sunset.

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