Raven got a ride down the hill yesterday eve with her room mate, a vardo tour, white peaches off the tree are on and a bundle of garden herbs. Raven stayed over in the vardo.

I awoke late but earlier, played in the garden, stuffed a new bundle of rattan in the cleaned water bucket as Raven got up. Off to town for coffee, the farmers market, we were both wanting BLTs, serendipity. We bought real thick bacon from a woman at the market, fresh vine tomatoes, I have fresh romaine lettuce in the garden and sourdough in the freezer, plus some organic avocados from TJ’s. We stopped back to Safeway for a salad for Raven’s dinner, served with TJ smoked trout. Off to Garret’s hardware for some screen as it’s getting hot in the vardo.  A stop at Salvation Army looking for a small table and chairs for outside the vardo set up, not this time, but a nice folding stool a little taller than mine.


It should make a good seat for serving at the window in the vardo, or just a good seat.

Home and hungry, Raven picked some lettuce bibs as I fried the bacon, sliced tomatoes and avocado, toast with mayo. Ah glorious food, served in back with a view, so good.

Raven is working on screening the door Dutch style open on top. Velcro doesn’t want to do it, pins for now.


Perhaps a frame would work, future build. The sink window still needs a screen. I get the serve window screen and copy it using the table saw, it takes a while with the jig for cutting the center out on the short ends, trimming the long center ends on the flat over and over, damn, the saw height keeps moving up smaller, adjusted each time. Shims with card stock will do to adjust for gluing. I sanded the parts on the drum sander to loose the saw marks. Glued and clamped. I still need to chisel out the short corners to allow the plastic ribbing to fit around the corner and hold the screen in. Meanwhile Raven stained the other side and the last small wheel. There are enough pictures of wheels. The glue needs drying.


I want to play with the baskets. This new rattan is purchased, “the stuff” for baskets, all even 3.5 mm, soak it for 15 minutes and go for it. It’s been soaking for longer than that, no problem. Last weeks willow from the river was rustic and cool. This stuff should be a cinch, it is. I cut the six even, three and three cross from the shortest in the bundle. A longer piece, doubled and gently bent with three hard close folds, this stuff takes it without breaking as long as it’s wet. A square twist around and again, then twist each radial strand twice around. I could add a piece, but choose to switch to single weaving and add the twister instead for an odd count. That works, but I’m running low on stock, tuck the end in and add another tucked. Round and round weaving even, tucking the short ends back inside with the new tucked to continue. The base is big enough. I add two longer pieces to each spoke tucked in, three together and bind all the spokes upright with a shorter cut off piece to make the basket sides turn up. Tuck another long and keep going. I notice when you transition to go up instead of out, the rows before become loose without a form. It happened on the willow as well. Something to figure out. Up we go with a new weaver tucked in, still in over under mode until the weaver runs out and gets tucked in. This rattan stuff is easy. I want to try the three row roving. I tuck three strands into three consecutive spokes. The left most behind the tucked one, above two and behind one. Same with the next, back, above two and behind one. Again with the third and keep going. It goes fairly, for awhile until the weavers are running short.


Tuck them in and tuck one to resume standard over under weaving with three spokes up for a while. The original center spokes are getting short, time to finish. I pull the spoke three behind one and over the next, leaving it loose for the last one to tuck in. All the way around tucking the last out, then tucking each three sets back in even in the second gap to make a good braid. One center too short, I clip it back and add a new one from scrap stock, tucked in. This works perfect. Braid them all in and clip the ends to the inside as the short pieces won’t tuck, but it’s a good basket.


I go out and pick some peaches to fill it for the first time, it’s beautiful, on the new stool.


Tomorrow we’re off to Oakland for Raven to catch the Greyhound to her Mom’s as I work on Elliot’s place. A fine day today, screens, peaches and a basket.

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