Another interesting day. I went to town around noon, picked up 8 feet of black vinyl 1/2″ hose and a 1″ ID valve with enough meat to turn to fit the 1 1/2″ OD drain tubing. That, more basil and a black sesame plant. I hooked the valve to my machine lathe from the inside pressing out to hold it and bored it out with a small boring bar to 1 1/2″, a little off center with the valve handle, but round. The other side was more of a challenge as the thinner wall flexes and won’t stay on. I switched to the outside to get a centered grip, added a PVC tube, still wouldn’t stay on. I’m looking everywhere for a solid 1 1/2″ plug.
About then, Joe showed up, he had called. We went out back to the room with a view with water bottles to talk. He’s been building a new laundry shed, new french doors installed. He needs a hole saw for the door knob installation.
DING! That’s it, a hole saw will cut a plug! I break out my kit and find one a little bigger than 1 1/2″, drill a hole and save the center, put it on the rod we used to make the hook with pliers at an angle on the lapidary sander, bzzzsh, it’s round to fit tight, sawed to length on the band saw. This works in the valve on the lathe, a good grip. I turn it easily down, up really as it’s an inside cut, to 1 1/2″. It fit after a second trimming. I showed Joe the fire hose, a perfect fit with the hose clamp I also bought. He said it would be cool to have a fire hose nozzle, it would, maybe we can make one or order. But the manifold (Joe’s right word) for the grey water tanks is ready to install. Next week I’ll pull the tanks, drill and glue the end parts, mount the tanks and manifold. The 5/8″ vent holes will also be drilled on top for the tubing, perhaps a tee with one tube instead of two tubes up. Joe suggested a J bend so the overflow water goes down. My thought, if there is a water hose attached, you must have a drain supply, to the garden, sewer or where ever. You can’t allow the tanks to overflow without a drain.
So I dug out the door knob install kit with the jig to center the big holes and smaller one inch hole saw for the bolt. I found the hole saws to match.
We walked down to the river, the cane leaves weave well. Joe collected some flat rocks. I found one nearly round scull size, very cool. We brought them back to his truck for his garden. He liked the old rusty gas can Sky gave me, it’s chic, rusty stuff, take it and a bracelet Sky made. Joe’s truck is loaded with wood from my coworker Stewart in Healdsburg as he packs for home.
Another fine day, the drain system is ready to install with a good fitting valve. I’ll need to get a 1/2″ barbed tee for the vents. Fold the laundry, prepare a lunch and ready for work tomorrow.

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