We met for coffee this morning, climbed in my truck and headed for town. I had taken one tire off and threw that and the spare in back of my truck. We arrived at the Firestone tire shop at Coddingtown mall as they had the better price. After all the added installation charges it wasn’t so good but we went for it. Outside, the spare we got at Pick and Pull is a sixteen, the others fifteens. “I’ll be back in an hour with the other tire.” Off we went back home, pulled it, return in minutes close to an hour.

We stopped next door to Beverly’s craft store as they changed it, a good idea on a flip open chalk board sign we will be making soon. With the tire done and in the truck bed, hungry, we walked to the Whole Foods store. Raven picked a smoked turkey sandwich, some carrots for later, I teriyaki chicken, broccoli and fried rice. We ate on a bench in the warm sun.

Heading home with a brief stop in Healdsburg so Raven could get her truck (and gas). I had both tires on by the time she got here. They look good, brand new, never driven, though a little dusty from my install.


Raven wants to paint the wheels soon, should have done that first, but OK, we’ll need to mask them. As we are putting in new narrower grey water tanks I remove the big old blue barrel and begin to modify the plumbing tape straps shorter to fit. These tanks are longer and need another strap. I have the steel tape, but head up the corner to Bosworth’s, Harry has what I need, six 1/4-20 bolts and seven nuts. Back home it dawns on me I forgot the bolts to tie the two straps tight. Digging in my stash I find a couple shorter sets that will suffice. I clipped a piece of strap with two holes to use as a drill guide. Break out the long boat cushion I use down under I drill the holes. I had to remove the tank again to get access to drill more holes, redo the bolts several times as I forgot the far nuts and needed to rearrange the strapping around the iron beams. It’s a good thing I sanded all the new strap ends not to cut me as I’m under there, arms tired. I have one tank closest to the axle installed, the other one is strap tape ready.


I’ll need to remove them again to drill and install the piping to join the two tanks with drain valve, add the 2.5″ drain in hole on top, much to do, but a good start of mounting brackets. These new tanks won’t bottom out on a speed bump.

Meanwhile, Raven installed the new hook I blacksmithed last time. Here is a shot she likes.


Here is a shot of the installed latch in the front shutter, it works well.


On a break from under the tanks, I showed her how to cut a 3/4 spoke down to a half inch on the lathe. She likes the tool. She chose to stain the spokes.


They look good and will need turning to fit the hubs. This is not traditional, for wheels the hub is mortice and spoke tenoned rectangular, but these are just for show, they’ll look fine.

We need a way to keep the cupboards closed on the road, Raven came up with a fine simple solution using the cushion scrap fabric, much better than my strings.


We got a lot done today. New tires is a major accomplishment, ready to impress the DMV, but more important, a safe road worthy vehicle. Raven has reset our DMV appointment to May 8th, enough time to secure things and get a reliable truck to deliver the vardo, I have three friends at work with trucks willing to help. A new hook, low profile grey tanks in process, the next wooden wheel coming together. A fine spring day.

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