3/21/2015 Spring


I talked to my sister this morning, not a day for Oakland as Elliot is busy all day. I plan on going tomorrow instead so it is not a vardo weekend. I went shopping, nothing good at Sally’s. Cooking beef stew. I just talked to John across the street, he gave me those two tanks, score. I’ll need to fill one and measure it for how many gallons, but they are tough tanks and free. Threaded on the end will make great connections.


The stew turned out fine, one serving now and two for later. Beef, but a light broth as I used some chicken broth I had open as well as the rest of the beef broth. Good stuff served with sourdough toast.

I picked up a bunch of garden plants today at Garrett’s, two tomatoes, zucchini, crookneck squash, celery (yes!), a flat of bush beans all starts. I also bought seeds for wax beans, pickling cukes, beets and carrots, all planted. The radishes I planted last week are up, the pak choy is healthy, peas need string soon, everything is happy with new dirt and timed water.
I did lay out the two hubs for the smaller cart wheels and drilled holes in one of them using the new jig. There wasn’t enough room in the bench drill press for the jig straight up, but it worked OK tilted sideways as the base held the wheel vertical. Much better than the freehand method of before.
I filled up one of the new free water tanks from neighbor John, it took 11 3/4 gallons to fill it, so two tanks, 23 1/2 gallons grey water storage. That’s a lot, to code with three fresh 5g bottles, mind it will take some drilling and plumbing to connect the two tanks, but they’re only 8.5 inches round. They will fit right up underneath without being a speed bump hazard, heavy duty fiberglass water tanks. Perfect and free.
I’ve sorted out some tools I’ll need tomorrow, charging the battery on the hand drill. It’ll be an early start with a stop at Home Depot on the way for a couple fence boards to fix the broken fence. The power cord is in the truck, DMM set aside to bring for electrics, taps, tap handle, numbered drills, for treadmill wheels. The irrigation system will be a challenge. Perhaps a different water supply from the hose. TBD.
I’m thinking as they are off to a concert at 3, I may head to my boat for another coat of varnish on the rails. The new boat slip is right on the way home from Oakland off Richmond Bridge. My laundry is already done for the week ahead. A good day, much done.

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