Well I didn’t work on the wheels today after all. I do have all the parts. I went to town. A stop at Salvation Army came up with an old oil lamp for a buck, some sanding masks and a meat grinder. There was a router I’ve been looking for for Joe, but it smelled bad on start up, no pass. I drove in my truck swept clean of tree seeds and a shovel with a plan. Hey to Starbucks for a cup.  A stop at Garrett’s for a thumb screw and washer to fit the grinder, on to the dirt store between Garrett’s and the RV shop. I picked up a half yard of organic compost in the pick up, drove home the back way slow not to loose it. I backed in to the garden and unloaded the new dirt, took awhile with a shovel finishing with broom. The garden will be happy this year I think.
A Trader Gioto’s mini pizza in the oven, I went out and worked on polishing the lamp. This is a nice lamp, embossed “New Rochester made in USA” but it has a heavy coat of fire scale, somebody got it hot on one side. The copper has floated to the surface and will need a hard polish. I moved the cloth off Sky’s old polishing wheels and find the course bobbing compound. Buffing away I spaced the pizza, baked dark roast and trashed, another of four, more aware and tasty.
I called Joe to check in. He’s home with Josie in the shop ready to paint the guitar. Ace has a sale on sample paint, a buck a pint. “Hearts and stars” says Josie. Hmm.
I need lamp parts anyway, back to town with pieces to Garrett’s. I picked up a glass chimney to fit and two packs of wick I’m stitching together with cotton string to make a 5 inch circumference circle wick. I bought four pint samples of paint, a ‘ruby slipper’ burgundy, black, a light lemon yellow and a chard green. At a buck a can, why not, indoor satin won’t last outside. It will need more stirring, maybe a coat of urethane to protect it.
New Rochester
This lamp is nice for a buck, Ebay $40 to $200 plus. It doesn’t have an oil cap. I’ll need to make one, and I can of few. It won’t be original, but will work. A fine day of sunshine and a happy garden.

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