The next 40″ wheel is more than half way done, eight more spokes to go, all fellows and hub drilled. I finished the end drill jig and drilled the fellow ends. It worked at the beginning but as I went along it got sloppy and the edges twisted or were off center. They will work if I leave some with just one peg and widen the hole. I should have used harder wood or metal inserts could do it. It does work, but the grain pulls the bit off just a little. A thought, I could sand the peg on one side and tune the alignment, will work. I could just leave the pegs out as well, use the metal tire.
I made a good batch of bean soup using bacon, a shallot, garlic, carrot, garden herbs parsley, thyme, rosemary and a can of TJ’s organic northern beans. It turned out excellent and about one large serving. Worth making again for lunch if you like bean soup, served with sour dough toast.
So a good day, back to work tomorrow.

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