No sign of Raven today, I’m guessing she is still in Esalen near Big Sur. I stopped at Salvation Army on the way home from coffee, found a new cup to match the Shrek ear soup bowl of a different color, a wooden clamp and a really nice air pump coffee server, all for 2 bucks. I talked with friend Bottle Dan while there.

Home and hungry I cooked up some chicken tenders in the fry pan with cucumber side, sate sauce and cauliflower au gratin. Yum.

I spent most of the day cutting out the 8 fellows for the next wooden cart wheel, the same 40″ size as the last one. I sanded them all on the lapidary drum sander, marking a set of 26″ fellows during a break from sanding. I ran about an 1/8 inch short on the last one, but the next stud will be enough for the second wheel and an extra fellow. The 40″ set is complete and ready to drill.


I’ve been thinking of a way to drill the fellows ends with dowel holes to line them up. I took one and held the end on a piece of redwood, marked the line in pen, flipped it and marked the other end further down. I drilled a fat hole in each rectangle and sawed the parts out with the jig saw. I cut the two apart with the band saw. Using a file I trued up the cuts and put in a curve for the inside arc of the fellows in each. I tested all the 8 fellows to fit, they do. I got a piece of brazing rod and found a drill about the same size. Stringing each rectangle together on a fellow and clamped in place, I drilled two holes one either side. Another piece of redwood sawn the same size, aligned and drilled to match, I used a couple nails that fit the holes to align all the pieces, wood glued and clamped. They are drying.


I will measure and carefully drill two holes using the drill press to keep them straight with the centered 5/16 bit that came from the doweling jig I used on the gate. I will mark each side A and B with a mark on the two matching edges to use as base line to make matching holes. It should work if I mark each fellow end A and B, drilled to match the jig with the adjusted depth stop for dowels cut to length. It should all line up and may even work on all the wheels. That’s the plan, should work.

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