I went to the Shilo  center this morning to meet Raven at the Starbuck’s as we need wood at Home Depot. I was a half hour early and there is a Goodwill across the street, I checked it out. Nice terra cotta dish, not cheap. Wow, a guitar for $10, a small “Pignose” kid size guitar but not bad. It’s strung in steel strings with the second string missing. I’ll take it. Rough tuned while waiting. I head in to SB at 10:30 as planned, Raven is there at an outside table, I head in for a cup, nice place, coffee, ah.
Raven wants a copper pen, she walks to Office Depot to meet at HD out front. I move my car prepped for lumber and wait shortly. They didn’t have her pen, odd that. She goes looking in HD paint as I go to the wood for 2x4s. Three kiln dried 2 x 4 x 8 foot studs to make a wooden wheel or two. I cut the round hubs last week, slow on the band saw. It’s not a real wheel, just a prop, so I cut the hub in half to make two hubs. It took a long time to cut.
There is another store in Healdsburg may have copper pens, just up the street from Flying Goat Coffee. They have a set of pens with copper, I buy it. A stop at Shelton’s, celery and a rutabaga for the lamb I left cooking in the oven. Home.
The lamb is wine baked tender, cut up carrots, celery and rutabaga to add to the onions, garden thyme, rosemary and garlic, more chicken broth to cover on the stove top low. Corn fritter recipe by Gordon Ramsey I’m trying but not hot, red bell peppers instead of chilies with a yogurt sauce. Not great but edible. Raven went for some sourdough toast instead with the lamb stewed veggies good, though a bit lamb greasy, very tasty rutabaga, also known as swede.
Raven is working on the curtains in the vardo, she walked up town for cup hooks but Bosworth’s is closed for lunch. Across the street the antique store has nice buttons.
 I cut the card stock pattern for the wheels and draw it out on the 2x4s, something is odd, too many parts laid out. I cut the first piece but it is so slow. Checking the pattern I have cut it too short, back to the first spoke, but the first piece caught in time. Screw this, I need a new saw blade as it’s taking an hour to cut one eighth.
I head to town for new blades, dropping Raven off for hooks at the corner to short walk home. Down town mall Sears has 80″ blades, a wood one and a metal plus a few jig blades. More TJ bubble water. And a quick stop for new guitar strings, Nylon is easier on little fingers.
Raven has sewn in the buttons and hand stitched button holes into the curtains, with hooks to secure the curtains back.
I re draw and cut the card stock pattern, transfer it to the other side of the 2x4s. I’ll be short one gore for two wheels. It should be made up in the smaller front wheels. I cut two pieces quick on the new blade in minutes, perfect and sharp. Paper pattern folded in half, then each side folded to it makes a good spoke measurement.
It’s getting dark. Pictures taken for the blog. Raven heads off for a movie as I write this.
I re strung the guitar in Nylon and rough tuned it a couple times. It’s a nice small guitar, a beater git for a kid, sweet.
A good day.

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