We started the day differently, meeting at the Bad Ass coffee parking lot near the Wells Fargo Center farmers market. Raven chose to get coffee at a drip vendor at the market for twice the price, acidic but not bad. The vendor had good info on needed legal steps to sell and a nice drip set up. I bought some garlic.
Next stop Salvation Army as Raven needs to donate. We met up at the basket section as Raven is looking for a laundry hamper. She found a nice rattan one, needs cleaning, and a good piece of cloth to line it in the clothes barn.
I found a cake decorating force bag I’ve been wanting, a small whisk and garlic press.
Home, hungry, I cooked up an O chicken stew, breast tenders, potatoes, carrots, onion, celery, new garlic, cauliflower florets, garden herbs, O broth and a glug of wine, flour water to thicken. Re baked TJ’s cheese rolls with a parsley garnish, tasty, served in the sunny driveway on a TV tray with pillow case table cloth and chairs. Raven made Turkish coffee in the vardo. All very good.
After lunch Raven painted one fender with the last of the flat black spray paint as I worked on a pattern for a wooden wheel. We need more paint.
We head up to Bosworth’s Merchantile on the corner. Inside, I recognize that head as he turns, “Hey Mark, What are you doing here?” My friends Mark and Tina, we had smoked turkey a couple weeks ago in Oakland. We all head back to the house for a tour of the vardo, pictures, marmalade and chocolate. They need to be back for a singing performance of friend Marty. We posed for a picture.

Dynamic Duo

I mount the dried fender as Raven paints the other one, not a perfect fit with a gap, but it will stop the rain.


Raven brushes clean the laundry hamper and we cut the cloth for a liner to be sewn. I take awhile to get the sewing machine back in order, oiled and re tensioned, it works now. She sews up a nice liner as the warm sun shines in.


By now it’s getting late, The liner fits with some adjustments. The other fender has runs and is glossy as the paint needs mixing, We’ll sand, repaint and mount it. We are so close to done for registration. Next.

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