As I smoked a turkey for a friend’s birthday we flipped vardo day to Sunday. They gave me a grass chicken I put in the vardo, appropriate.


I met Raven at Bucky’s for coffee. She had a cold last week so we changed the planned clam chowder to Manhattan style. We headed for Shelton’s Natural as the clams are chemical free. I think all clams are free range. Stewed tomatoes and some really good looking shoulder bacon. We headed home after car parts and gas.

Raven wants to build an alter. I chopped up an O celery heart stalk with some leaves, started pealing some carrots. Raven asked for a piece of pine for alter legs to cut on the band saw, sure. The internet says we need a bay leaf, let’s go for a walk. The bay tree is on the far South side of the property, just one small leaf as California bay is much stronger. In the garden we picked parsley, thyme and oregano. She’s planning on using the cabinet door we tested the stencils on, longer screws in order found after some digging. I fried half the bacon to a bowl, not much grease, added olive oil. Half a Spanish red onion, then garlic and herbs. Carrots and celery then the red potatoes with clam juice from the can. A glug of white wine and O chicken broth. More potatoes and carrots are in order. Add the clams and stewed tomato. I had to chop the tomato on the wooden spoon, better would be to drain it in then chop on the board. Bacon in and allow it to cook down with the cover off. I skipped the flour thickener, didn’t need it with potatoes. Last add parsley chopped and a sprig for garnish. Toasted sour dough bread with olive oil and herb dip. Wow! So tasty. Raven finished the alter after lunch.


I fired up the torch after lunch to try and weld the passenger side fender. The acetylene pressure slowly dwindled, I need a new tank. Raven took on the power brushing of the D side fender to remove the rust, hard work.


I’ve been working on a new hat as my old one is 5 years shot. One of the gores ripped as I tried to stretch it at the turkey smoking. I cut a new gore from the original pattern, punched new holes with the three hole chisel and double needle harness stitched it in. A few new holes in my finger, I wet the finished hat and shaped it to dry on my head, then on the lamp over night. This will be a good hat, it’s already waterproof outside. I wore it to work today, some didn’t notice as the pattern is the same.


A fine new hat, fenders ready for paint, a new alter, a beautiful day with an incredibly tasty soup. Life is amazing.

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