As usual, we met for coffee at Starbucks 10:30. We bought a few things but Raven brought lunch. A stop at Garrett’s hardware as Raven is moving up in the world, upstairs. She picked up cup hooks and thin rope for curtains. I bought some brass screws to fix my sister’s door latch. A stop at Salvation Army looking for curtains, none of those but we found a whisk and a globe with a golf ball in it I thought could make a good crystal ball if we filled it with water for two bucks. It turned out great with red cloth attached.


Back home, Raven heated up the leftovers from Christmas dinner at the Harbin hot spring where she works, I had the ham steak, she the turkey leg, yams, green beans, mash potatoes, stuffing and good cranberry sauce. Served outside in the driveway on a makeshift stool and board table in the sun, perfect.

I started working on the fenders with a rotary steel brush in the drill to remove the rust. Raven checked online for room dividers and closet shelves.


We should go to Home Depot to see what we can get for the room dividers and such. We stopped at Walmart (yuk) first, they had the closet shelves at half the price, OK and oil for my car cheap. Next door to HD we found the reed curtains we were looking for, 16 feet by 6 high, light weight and roll able, a good cheap portable wall for a room divider. We also located a really nice runner rug that matches the vardo decor perfectly at a reasonable price per foot. We’ll need to get the measurements before we buy it.


Back home, I worked on the fender as Raven attached the skid tape to the steps.This is great as it’s dry enough and will stick, perfect.


I finished the inside of the first fender, that’s both sides, one more to go. There is a lot of rust to remove but these are good steel fenders. I want to get some phosphoric acid base to fix the rust, then paint them. Forgot that, next time. As I’ll be North for the New Year and Raven’s birthday we will be off next week. I’ll let Luis know we need to postpone the necessary welding on the wheel extensions and tow hitch. He has plenty else to do. A very productive day.

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