What a day. I got up early as the landlord’s coming over to fix the gas line. We found the leak under the house last night in the dark rain. Dave showed up around 8 AM with all the pipes and compound. We put them all in, pressurized the line and watched the gauge drop, still leaking, more bubbles as Dave tightened the connections, finally it stopped. 15 lbs and holding for a half hour as we packed up, 10:28, too late to get to town as Raven will pick me up coffee at 10:30. She showed up shortly, I called the gas company to get it turned back on.

Raven went back to sewing snaps on the egg mattress cover. We decided soup would be good, I went in and chopped potatoes, onions, garlic, celery, cauliflower, garden herbs and chicken tenders. I brought the cutting board out to the vardo, turned on the gas and cooked the all organic soup on the vardo stove, with broth and some wine. Side of sourdough bread, tasty and warm, while awakening the vardo to lived in.

I pulled out the saw horses, door table and the big sheet of metal I found on the river side, time to make fenders. Laying out the lines from the card stock pattern and square, I used the side grinder to cut the length mostly through then bent it back and forth until it broke free. I used the grinder to clean and round the edges. The wheel needs a 15 inch wide fender and this metal is 15 3/4″, I’ll need to bend it down. I take an angle pattern with paper and transfer it to the metal, using the jeweler saw I cut notches, going through a few blades in the process, to be expected. Back on the bench, I found the flat metal bar, aligned to the edge of the 3/4 plywood with the metal lined up and clamped in place with a piece of scrap wood on the line. Using the big ball peen hammer I whacked the 3/4″ down and square, all panels. I need to bend each panel, using a shorter edge metal piece clamped, behind. The pic doesn’t show the two clamps.


I get one fender done, Raven calls it “retro”, that’s good here. I bend another. These will work well.


Raven has finished the snaps and proceeded to attach Velcro to the curtain lower valances.


She has also added Christmas lights inside, it looks festive and bright, nice touch. The picture didn’t work but it looks good. She’s off to a movie as I type this.

Two fenders, good food, curtains, lights and the gas is back on. That’s a full day indeed.

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