10/12/2014 Isis Weekend


Wow. the grand debut. Quite the weekend. I left work on time Friday, a rare thing. As I drove past Luis’ I noticed Raven’s truck on the street. Arriving home, the front door was a jar, not the cat this time but Raven on the computer. Are we ready? Not quite, I fill the second water bottle and load them in my car. Raven already has the water heater and wind screen out, into the trunk. Chocolate? sure. She calls Luis. I moved the truck and clamped the steps inside to the pillar last night to be ready. Luis shows up shortly as it’s only a half a mile away. He backs in to match the hitch line up with my guidance, we lower the jack on and swing it up. The new extended electric plug still won’t work as the two plugs don’t mate, oh well, wind it around.
We’re off, Luis ahead, Raven and I in my car following with the 4 way blinkers on. Here’s the same shot on a different day.


I had told Luis to keep the truck to the right near the corner as the road slopes. He did a fine job. Around the corner to the right and up.

And up

Into Isis Oasis.

To Isis

Raven was concerned about a few branches, we cleared them all, up the hill and parked. Luis and I dropped the jack and placed her. Raven flipped him a bill as he headed home, thanks.


We need electric for the water pump to work, I stretched the new extension cord out, too short and across the driveway. Walter has a trailer parked across the way and is kind enough to hook his spare cord into the massage room to make it.


We have running water. I hook up the water heater, everything hooks together right, I get a wrench from my boat ditty bag and tighten the gas line. It’s right, but it won’t light up as the two ‘D’ cells are probably dead, no igniter click. Oh well, I turn off the gas and we cover it with a burlap bag. She can use the stove for hot water. We peel the plastic wrap off the Formica counter. Raven locks the door until she can get it set up right as I head for home. She’ll be spending the night aboard.

Saturday morning I slept in, waking up thinking about it. Hmm, we need to have a fire extinguisher on board, this is important. Soap and a sponge.
I head for Healdsburg, Garrett’s hardware has ABC extinguishers on sale cheap, bought two as I need a spare. Bucky’s for coffee and a trip to the farmers market, pineapple guavas, huge granny smith apples and green beans. Earl loaded me up on beans as it’s the end of the day, kind retired man, a gourd master, always friendly. Praise the Gourd.
The Dollar store has dish soap, sponges, a nice cutting board with a coffee cup print, and a hot pad, all useful. Some O chicken tenders for lunch be nice.
I stop by the vardo to drop off the new toys, it’s looking good with potions and books laid out, a chair and small table outside with bamboo background all under a beautiful pine tree. It’s gorgeous.


We hang out a while, Raven takes me on a tour of the Isis grounds, the lodge, up to the new hobbit cobb round quarters, new bird open area, much is done better.
I head for home to make us lunch of broiled chicken (marinated with oyster sauce, garlic powder, my curry powder and a dash of horse radish sauce for a kick), Earl’s green beans steamed with a jasmine rice side. Packed in Tupperware, chop sticks, a serving spoon and two bowls in a bag lunch. Arriving at the vardo, we open it up to instant wasps like chicken, we move inside to the same old table with a different view. Ah tasty. And it’s cool with the trees for all day shade.


Home again I make up a batch of chutney with the 3 huge granny smiths, three more gala apples, 6 plums from TJ’s I’ve been saving. Golden raisins, even cooking down some dried mangoes cut small with the raisins in a bit of boiling water until soft and reduced. A medium fried onion in olive oil until tender. Spices, brown sugar, allspice, a dash of dried ginger, my not hot curry powder, cider vinegar, a dash of salt. more of each and then some, this needs a kick, dry mustard, ah. Vinegar and allspice are predominant. 8 cup jars canned in the boiler. One less as I write this, yum, I ate the whole thing. That was yesterday except the empty jar.
The vardo bed is too hard. Arriving late Raven spent the night on the fold out living room couch, very comfortable. It’s Sunday I’m sleeping in. I get up and reheat the Bucky’s coffee as we talk. Raven heads for the vardo. I start Sunday laundry, thinking. She needs a good pan to cook her breakfast rice in, a small pot and lid. She asked for a plastic dish wash basin. Let’s see what Garrett’s has. I have a $5 off coupon to buy a perfect small stainless 1 quart pan and lid. There is an inexpensive plastic shoe box that should fit the sink, it does, a new dish pan with a cover.
Safeway has a sale on Fugi apples, 5 lbs., one tastes great on the way home for apple butter.
A stop at the vardo on site, Raven has a session going on, I wait, this is a first. As the woman walks off with a card in case of questions I appear. The other maker, honored. I show Raven the new toys, a pan and dishpan, very cool, she’s jazzed.
As we talk her new friend Lish shows up, interesting character with a limo converted to a sound recording studio, very well done, no visible wires or ground loops.


Back home to cook a bit.
Luis and I meet on site at 4:30 as scheduled to hook it up. Luis backs the vardo down the hill to a good turn around, amazing driving. Moving forward we all head for home, three rigs in a row, down the road a half mile home. Raven and I park in the field. Luis guides the vardo in, a little closer to the side in one try. It’s fine, set her down. Wow, he really knows how to drive a trailer well. Jack down and disconnected, Luis heads for home with many thanks and a tip. Raven heads home with a hug.
I finish up another batch of apple butter, 4 cups and a half 4 ouncer. Good stuff with everything licked clean after and washed. A fine batch as the lids snap shut, ta, tata tok.

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