Vardo flipped to Sunday as I hung the gate yesterday. I didn’t get a picture of the gate yet but will when I get the latch installed.
Raven was in the vardo dark when I got home last night as I needed the power cord for the job. I powered it up so she could watch her favorite vampire TV show, 2 episodes. I watched Gordon Ramsey cook. I woke up at 1 AM and prepped some pickles with salt.
We got up late, nice thing about Sundays. Heading to Starbucks Safeway for coffee in my car, “What are we going to eat? I feel like chicken.”
Raven, “I was thinking about grilled cheese. how about a chicken melt.”
“I never tried that before, I have that ‘unexpected cheddar’ from Trader Joe’s, bread in the freezer.”
Raven picked out energy drinks as I bought chicken tenders, separate tabs at the coffee station. Next stop Garrett’s hardware as Raven needs black paint, then home.
The new 84″ axle arrived last week, I’m putting it together. I found the tub of grease before we left for town. It came with the flats not welded as I requested of Bob Long, the TrailerPlans.com guy. He’s been really helpful, “You need to extend the spring mounts to keep it safe as 19 inches accumulative is maximum allowed overhang. Use grade 5 bolts 1/2″ minimum”. OK. So it came in pieces, raw bearings, 5 x 4.5″ hub, three seals (one spare), caps and the weldable flats for the springs. The crown nuts and washers came attached to the axle greased and wrapped in shrink wrap. I took it apart and loaded the bearings with grease, packed the hub with more, grease loaded the seals. With the big bearing in place I used my strongest clamp to install the seals with a gate wood block on top and a hammer to coax it. It all fit except the crown nut, I don’t have a wrench that big, 1 1/2″, I’ll need Luis’ help. Jump in the car, Toni his son says he won’t be home until 3:30.
new axle
Lunch then. I broiled the chicken tenders with oyster sauce, my not hot curry powder and garlic powder, standard issue but a tasty mix. I thawed four pieces of sprouted grain bread in the already hot oven. Sliced this amazing cheddar cheese, butter pats for the hot pan. Bread, whole chicken tenders and cheese in the buttered pan, add a little water for steam and cover. Flip and cover with a little more water. Fresh garden tomatoes and basil on the side. Wow, this is good.
Raven has been painting more details in gold around the soon to be extended wheels.
The same pattern is wearing out, She cuts out a new one.
Meanwhile I worked on the pickles, a batch of bread and butters. I break out the ‘Joy of Cooking’ book, oops, the recipe calls for 1/2 cup of salt, I used two in the middle of the night. I begin leaching out the salt in cold water baths. I shut down the hot bath, oven jars and syrup and continue to change the cold water.
We haven’t used the vardo water system in a long time, I hook up the hose and and flush out the lines, watering the roses with the flush hose. The fenders need some attention, I flattened the end metal using the vise anvil and large ball peen hammer, loud. Using my knees and pulling up the sheet I got it mostly straight. I used the metal grinder to remove the attached studs. I’ll need a new cutting wheel to finish cutting the fenders to length.

The pickles are finally not too salty and I do up the batch. Five and a half pints. As I have a case of half pints, the canner is hot, I open the two previously made full pints of plum sauce. Reheated and re jarred smaller, with some loss in the pan and spoon (which I consumed as much as possible) down to 3 and most of a cup.
Luis should be home by now, and it’s time for Raven to head out. I follow her to the corner. We head our separate ways. Luis has the right wrench and is kind enough to let me borrow it. I secure the crown nuts, backed a quarter as Luis recommended, then added the right size cotter pins, plier bent back. The cap happens to perfectly fit the left over pipe I cut off the gate yesterday. I whack it into place with the big hammer. I returned Luis’ wrench within a half hour, Thanks man.
Laundry done for work tomorrow, a good day.

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