Another day of vardo and gate works. It started out a bit rough as I was checking the garden tomatoes when a wasp flew out and stung me on the fore arm, damn, then chased me as I flung my hat at it to no avail and jumped in the car to avoid it. I headed in to town to meet Raven at Starbucks with a welt ring forming on my right arm. She was in line when I got there and told her about it, Ow. We headed for the farmers market where I bought stock for bread and butter pickles (big cukes, onion and bright red mild peppers) while Raven bought some lettuce. My favorite pickle lady has cider vinegar, I asked for a drop for the wasp sting, it helped stop the sting but the venom was swelling my arm. Baking soda works on bees, wasps need acid.
We stopped to check a local plants garden with signs of each kind. The figs are just getting ripe, we shared one. Time to go home.
The 20 pear trees out back are plentiful and I caught ten rock fish last week, plus I picked up some lovely horseradish cheese. Pears, fresh lettuce, pecans and cheese for salad with balsamic vinegar, fried rock fish with light curry powder, dipped in egg, breaded with blendered crackers and pecans, very tasty.
Raven is back to detailing. My arm is looking like Popeye. I need to inlay the metal cross braces to hold up the gate. I cut the cross braces with the table saw to width, flipping each plank and adjusting the fence to kerf width until it was to center, clearing out the scrap with a chisel, tricky on the knots. I laid the metal down in the slot and secured the vice to match the angle, hammering it over with the big ball peen. The angle wasn’t perfect and adjusting difficult but I got it. I tried cutting the wood end with a chisel, not good, it chips the face board. I settled on the multitool with a wood moon blade, that works well.
I need to cut the other end shorter to fit the vise, can’t find the rotary grinder, settle for a hack saw. I make the bend in the vise, dang, this is tough. I need to readjust the bend again, got it. Cut in the end grain to fit. The other side went better with less adjustments. I ground the ends smooth on the lapidary sander after hack sawing. I’m exhausted in the 90 degree heat and call it a day. Tomorrow I’ll need to drill the end holes in the metal and counter sink them secure with the wood covering.
Raven made tartar sauce for the left over fish and kicked back in the vardo with the windows open.

I got a picture of the inlaid board here.


I ordered a new axle with 85″ faces to increase the wheel base and get the wheels right side out. It’ll be easy to install and help prevent any chance of tipping over on the corners. After dark I went out and poured a cup of gas on the wasp nest in the ground. It will evaporate, pay back.

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