No dan this week, so this is raVen, reporting in…made my way home from Safeway, farmers market and sheltons, made some lunch and ate it in the sun. Plain ol’ tuna sandwich when dan’s creative cooking isn’t around, but I did score a fresh tomato and some beans from the garden :}.

After lunch, I decide to attempt to fill out the DMV paperwork for registering the vardo, which resulted in this:


No fun. A pain, even, pffffthhhht! Alas, it must be carried out…but not today if I’m in charge, haha. Still need some figures for the axle, trailer frame, sinks, etc. which there’s no receipt for, hmm. I’m sure we’ll figure it out to help with DMV’s needs to charge me tax on my creation, ha.

So since this didn’t obviously work out, I decided to give the new stencils I purchased in Monterey a try…


And this is what you get when trying to use gold paint and a sponge with no tack on the stencil, whoops. So then I reverted to trying to draw out the design in pencil as in previous stenciling ive done on the vardo:


And it’s pretty, but super detailed, and I’m not sure I want to be detailing til I’m 85. So onto the next idea…I’ll make a big strip on cardboard to do large chunks at one time!


…and cutting these buggers out takes just as much time as it would drawing them…ah, hell. This being a seemingly bumpy creative day, I give up and make lamb burgers :} whilst listening to metallica’s “no remorse” ahahaha


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