8/8/2014 Rolling!


Wow, that was exciting! I arrived home at 3:00, early from work. Raven was waiting in the living room staying cool. I had stopped at the mercantile for an open chain link on the way, pulled out a piece of anchor chain from the boat for a safety chain. Raven called Luis as he was backing into the driveway in his big F150. I went out and guided him in, he checked and had me lower the crank jack, then backed until he felt it, perfect. We lowered the jack and swung it up latched.


The electric connect is too short, we’ll use hand signals and I’ll follow. Need to fix that. Raven called the scales to let them know we’re coming.


Raven and I caught a picture as we ran to my car to follow (you can see my new truck in back). Hard to get pictures through the cracked windshield. We gripped tight near the stop sign as the road slanted quite a bit and the vardo leaned over, she came back up OK, whew. Around the corner went well enough and down the road Luis driving slow, his and my flashers on. She didn’t wobble side to side at all. As we crossed over the rail road tracks Raven got a picture, really no problem.
My camera came up with a no more room on card error, oh well. Rave kept up with her tablet cam after that. We drove through town (blink) to the Irrigation Growers supply where the scale is, less than a mile from home. Luis pulled in, hit a small pothole no problem and pulled around onto the long scale as I quickly parked the car.
The guy came out, told us to disconnect and drive the truck off, lowering the jack we did. We threw out numbers, I said a thousand (closer to a ton not voiced), Raven said 1500 to 2000. I stepped in to the scale shed as he racked it up, 2220 lbs. Wow, that’s a lot, more than a ton by 220 pounds. Raven came in the winner.  His name Kevin, “I need a number”, “OK” says I, ” how about 42″ (from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the answer to life the universe and everything), filled out the paper work as Raven paid the $15 for the certificate while Luis and I hooked up the truck. The scale is old, from the 1940’s, works well. Luis pulled forward before we could get a picture. I told Kevin I’d bring him some pears off the 20 trees available. Raven was filming as Luis drove off, “Get in!” We caught up four or more cars back, Raven taking shots as the vardo rounded the corner.
Luis pulled over allowing us to catch up, then allowed traffic to pass before proceeding, very well done. Over the tracks, faster this time as he knows it, up and around the corner for home.
Raven talked of parking by the garden for easier parking, less morning shade says I. Luis backed it in like a champ, first from the road around back enough to pull ahead into John’s driveway (across the street) to get it straight, then back in to within inches of the original location. We set her down.
“How much do we owe you?”,
“Ah, nothing, no problem.”,
“Raven pay the man, at least $20”
“For all that excitement!, Here, please take it, Thank you.”
He pocketed the cash, but we were beaming.
After four years, it moves with grace on the road. Slow but Wow!

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