I met Raven at Bucky’s for coffee, then off to the farmers market. After the once around we picked up some corn and yellow squash for lunch. I cleaned out the $2 tomatoes at 6 1/2 pounds to make sauce tomorrow. I need jar lids, off to Garrett’s. Jars are on sale, I’ll take a box can always use them.

Getting home, Raven bought a chicken from a friend wanting to smoke it. It won’t fit my small Weber whole, we cut it up, put it in soy sauce and water as I got the coals started. I also have some O chicken breast tenders planned for lunch.  I wetted down the corn still in husk and sliced the yellow squash long, half to steam, half to grill. A quick marinade of oyster sauce, horse radish, my own not hot curry powder and garlic on the tenders.

As the coals were lit I put a small wrinkled pie pan of water in the middle with the hot coals around smoker style but hot. I cooked lunch first no hickory, then put Rave’s chicken on the cooler fire with smoke chips. Too many bees to eat outside, into the living room. The tenders were done perfect, not dry, sweet corn on the cob and tasty squash.  Shortly the big chicken was done, legs and wings first.

Raven is working on a shelf for the vardo, I need to get this gate together and we need to weigh the vardo this next Friday. Raven sanded the edges of the shelf with the belt sander as I finished cooking the chicken. I showed her how to use the table saw to trim the shelf boards flush and even. She then cleared out the loose vardo stuff into the garage and hand sanded the shelf parts smooth. I cut some thin stock 5 1/2″ to use as shelf supports.

The shop is a mess of sawdust and scrap, I cleaned out enough room to lay out one gate. I cut out the center beams to accept the wheels after freeing them on the grinder. I need 5/16 bolts and washers to mount the wheels as well as some liquid nails equivalent to secure everything on the gate. Time to visit Harry’s Mercantile up town, he has it all for five bucks and a dime back.

A stop at Luis’ to confirm but he’s not home yet. Back home, Rave called her Mom. The vardo looks good, ready to move for the first time.


The gate is assembled loosely with brackets laid out, I’ll do the real work in the cooler morning.


I did get the measurements for the diagonal at 58″ total and 55″ at the angle with the angle set on the bevel tool.

Raven headed home for a play at Harbin. I went up town and bought Luis’ 1985 Nissan truck.  I chopped up some Meyer lemons for marmalade to make tomorrow, soaking in the fridge. A productive day with plenty to complete tomorrow.

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