Man I’m tired, been sanding redwood all afternoon with the belt sander as I’m making a gate for Elliot, my sisters partner. Four and a half hours belt sanding. Eleven more boards to go, the tall upright slats, I’ll finish them tomorrow, then resume with the fun of actually building it.
Raven is here today, she had planned on going camping but that canceled last minute. We hit the Healdsburg Farmers Market this morning, I picked up seven pounds of Roma tomatoes for canning, I’ll do that tomorrow morning while it’s cool, a thick sauce with a touch of star anise for fifteen minutes, enough to cut the acid. Raven picked up carrots and onions. Me a small breakfast melon.
I made up a double batch of not hot curry powder as I’m going home to Michigan this next week, spices to share.
Lunch was good, broiled chicken with above curry powder, oyster sauce and garlic powder marinade, rice, one of the tomatoes and some special chutney Raven made of elderberries, apple and other stuff, very tasty. The yellow jackets thought so too.
She did quite a bit of vardo work, finishing installing the blocks to secure the benches for the road, as well as putting up a curtain in front of the refrigerator.
fridge cover bedskirty
She even went online and filled out the paperwork for a sellers permit, that’s major.
She’s off to the movies now, “Malificent” with Angelina Jolie, while  I recuperate and write this.

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