I met Raven at Bucky’s for coffee and we headed to the farmers market. Once around to look, but wait, they have a bag of flowered gherkins at the last stall, score at 3.5 pounds. I’ll process them tomorrow morning as cornichons before it gets hot, though I just finished cleaning and salting them for over night. We picked up a couple ears of corn to go with the chicken and headed home.
I picked my first garden wax beans to mix with the O green beans from TJ’s. I fired up the charcoal grill, put away the harvested garlic and parsley seeds, cleaned the outside table then prepped lunch. Steamed beans, BBQ chicken and sweet corn husk on, both cooked on the grill. The corn was so sweet the wasps ignored the chicken and went for the husks, perfect.
Raven worked on the fridge belt as I sanded the gate arches, three clamped together (wide narrow wide) belt sanded flush on edges. I then sanded the faces of the outer wide boards. They will be cut to 45 inches but they’re arches, to be laid out a foot high to center.
Raven split a button, I stopped and turned another one in walnut on the lathe using the same stock, pretty quick, she sanded it to size and installed the belt, punching the ends and cutting a slit to allow the belt to fit the screwed button to the shelf frames.
This will hold the fridge in on the road.
Meanwhile, I cut the 2.5″ wide gate slats to 48 inches, qty 14 to allow for the upper gaps. Next I cut qty 4 wide planks to 45 inches for the cross beams (oops I’ll need 4 more).
Time to lay it out in the driveway. It’s really getting hot in the sun, but I need the measurements. It’s going to work, the pics don’t allow the edge inner board that will be full width but trimmed on top for a gap (another upper gap moving the tall out).
I marked all the long boards for length and cut them, then transferred the measurements and cut another set for the other gate, all done on the band saw. I still need to cut the measured arcs to length.
Raven cut and sanded then drilled and screwed the blocks to hold the benches in place on the road. One side done, but a split piece, more to do.
We’re really close to road worthy at least to the corner scale. Once we know that we can determine whether we need brakes.
This gate is coming along, though much to do. Sanding and prep on all the faces, filling several gaps on the glue lines. More to do tomorrow but a lot done today.

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