Spring is here, two days now, today was beautiful. I met Raven at Starbucks for coffee after picking up cat food and some O green beans. Raven wants a toy cap gun for a western dance so we stopped by the toy store, no guns. A stop at Salvation army also no luck although I did find a nice piece of naugahyde in red and half of a curtain rod in black. Next stop home.

As the weather was perfect Raven worked detailing in gold up front until it got too hot, while I cooked lunch of lemon chicken, rice, green beans and Raven made a weed salad (yellow dock, dandelion, mustard flowers, garden arugula and O romaine I bought at TJ’s) with balsamic and olive dressing.  We ate in the back yard dining room with a view. Betty the cat joined us for petting.


After lunch I worked on the easel I’ve been making, it’s a copy of one my niece Amber left here. I set up the router table to cut the front relief slot then drilled small holes and used finish nails to join the parts. It worked well using a clamp and block to nail against on the wood bench. I used some plumbing strap to make the lower metal brackets and oval center slide washer, ground to fit on the lapidary sander. I screwed everything together using my parts bin cabinet, then filled the set finish nail holes with wood putty and sanded. It works and looks good. Mine is the right one, still needs a finish.


Raven moved to cabinet doors as it got hotter, painting black around the inner edges of all the doors so it looks right. She installed the frilled drawer hardware.  Then she penciled in more detailing mock Arabic (what I call it) on the side roof fascia to match the front and back arcs. She slowly rotated the curved stencil to make the straight pattern. It will look good.

She put the table area back together in bed mode as she’ll be staying the night for a spring ritual in Sebastopol tomorrow, hanging new curtains with elastic and cup hooks. Nice touch.


Another fine spring day.

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