I met Raven 10:30 at Safeway Star Bucks for coffee as I needed some more sour cream, she wasn’t expecting me. She had already been to Big John’s for lingonberry sauce. We’re planning an attempt at Swedish meatballs, her idea as she’ll be going to Sweden soon on vacation, headed home.

The bench tops need burgundy paint so Raven moved all the cushions and we moved them outside into the beautiful spring day. I filled the squirt bottle with bubbles in search of gas leaks as Rave painted. I couldn’t find any bubbles and no gas odor hmm. Lunch will take awhile, let’s do it.

I got some sprouted wheat bread out of the freezer, de crusted how many? Googled up the recipe, four toasted lightly to thaw, cut up with 2/3 cup milk to soak. Raven grated the O red onion, crying time and sauteed it in 2 table spoons butter in a small frying pan. I ground cardamom seeds in the cool pepper grinder from Salvation Army, a fine teaspoon, another teaspoon of nutmeg grated fine, two tea spoons salt, we omitted the 2 teaspoons pepper as I can’t do it.  Two eggs, a pound each of O beef and pork. Mixed and balled, just browned in 6 tablespoons (the rest of the stick) butter in the cast iron dutch oven in batches.  Rave took over as I went to check the mail, a package. So the recipe said cook the meatballs lightly browned set aside, add 1/3 cup flour to the butter and lightly brown to creamed coffee color roux. Add the simmering 1 quart beef broth a little at a time. Return the meatballs to the sauce in ten minute batches to finish cooking. Finally add 1/2 to 3/4 cup sour cream to the sauce, don’t boil sour cream or it will curdle. She steamed potatoes and green beans with the lingonberry sauce on the side. Wow, fantastic flavor. Lingonberries taste a lot like cranberries, that would be a fair substitute a lot less expensive.  Such a lunch.


While she took over cooking I checked my package, oh boy, the 5 new touch screens for the 23 broken tablets I’ve been fixing. Excited, I tried replacing one, oh no, not only did I crack the new touchscreen but also the LCD display, bummer, that’s expensive. After lunch taking my time, I got one of them to work , downloaded Netflix and  fired up Star Trek TNG, perfect unit.

Raven finished painting the bench tops, they look good.

bench paint

I swept out the vardo as there was a lot of debris, then tacked in the panel next to the refrigerator, nailing a 1×2 to the wheel well to secure it. Raven varnished the drawer fronts with stain.

finished drawers

I worked on parts for an easel with the table saw. We put the mostly dry benches back in place, pictures developed, Raven headed for home, meatball rich.

I kept working on the easel parts, most done. Cutting the top slider block using push sticks, the saw grabbed it and flung it hard right into my thumb. Oh no! I’m bleeding, whew not a saw cut, but a skin cut, bandaided up, I’ll survive but shook up. It’s not that bad, a scuff, I’ll heal, but table saws are scary. I re cut a new piece on large stock as that one disappeared. My thumb will be alright, a couple more pieces to go on an easel. Another tablet lit up both screens to android but won’t boot, plenty more driver boards to try. And excellent meatballs in the fridge.

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