Raven slept in the vardo last night with a pleasant rain. I got up and headed to town for coffee and bubbley water. She was up walking to the river, ah coffee.

Raven touched up the cab doors in black then started staining the cabinet front birch with the dark walnut stain/finish polyurethane we bought last week. It’s a bit dark on the raw wood inside the cabinet edge but the pre-varnished face is a perfect match to the cabinet doors.


As it’s lightly raining and Raven mentioned she’d like to paint the benches, I thought it would be good to clean out the garage saw section of sawdust so she could paint them in there. That turned out to take all day as I found stuff hidden. Wow, dad’s tools are here where Dennis moved them! A ton of books, and my niece’s easel. I need to get rid of a bunch of stuff, loaded the car with two big TVs, tape players and a printer.

Raven cooked up an excellent lunch of salmon fillet with lemon and butter, steamed asparagus, and rice, simple but elegant with lemon rind on the fish. So good.

After lunch I headed for Salvation Army, open Sundays even for deposits and unloaded the garage stuff.  Really felt good to be rid of it and they can resell it. I’ll need to do this again as I have too much useful to someone crap. I kept sorting and filled a box of kindling for my neighbors fireplace, delivered. The landlord’s daughter Caroline showed up, as he’s working on the other trailer, good kid.  I got a lot done in the garage. there’s way more to do, but it’s a small dent.


My niece Amber’s easel was hidden on the top shelf, a really nice small unit, I can make this, I want an easel. It’s really dusty, I cleaned it with a brush.



A nice simple unit, 14 pieces of wood, most 1 1/8″ by 3/4″, some at a half inch. two frames, base 12 3/4 x 10 3/4, upright 19 1/2 x 10″ with a slider base of 11 1/2 x 25. the angles are 7″ centers 7 3/4 total.  It folds flat with the grooves. yet another project.

It was a great day, Raven finished staining all the cabinets except the drawers, I cleaned out the garage, lunch was perfect. We walked down to the river together, it’s barely up with the little rain, mugwort is prolific with the water, Raven picked some for incense. Wild asparagus isn’t up yet but soon. Beautiful spring snap dragon flowers in pink, chamomile white and yellow, the pear trees are just starting to bloom. The mustard yellow flowers are tasty with a spicy bite. Ah Spring.

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