As I crawled out of my movie ‘Cocoon’, Raven was already here, painting details up front of the vardo. “Coffee’s on the cutting board.”, alright, perfect. “What shall we eat today? We have  grass fed beef and O chicken, you mentioned spaghetti.” spaghetti it is. I dug the ground beef out of the freezer, thawing it in the microwave. The garlic is all dried up, I drove up to the corner store for a head.  I cooked up the sauce with the last jar of homemade tomato sauce, half an onion, beef, herbs from the garden, thyme, oregano and rosemary.  Water on for the noodles.

Raven was having trouble with the gold paint and we’re running out of thinner, I drove up to Bosworth’s for a can, good to see Harry and the dogs. The thinner isn’t working, gobbing up. Raven gave up and came in to cut more rose stencil. Lunch time, we ate in the vardo, too much pasta, but yum, good sauce, with asiago cheese and excessive rolls.

After lunch we headed to town for more gold paint at Garrett’s. I went looking to fix the hose, a couple hose clamps. I have pipe at home. Raven found the gold paint and read the label, lacquer based, oh, that explains the gobbing. When we got home I dug out a can of lacquer thinner I have to clean the brushes and started sewing. Raven painted the front arch with a new coat of black as the sun is harsh, then finished painting the back D side details.

I sewed the larger cushion covers, attaching the zipper panels to the side strips after hand sewing the zippers shut. On the first one I forgot to hand sew a stop and it came apart, I re threaded it and hand stitched it tight. I cut out the plastic zipper stops to prevent bending my needles. We stuffed the first one on the cushion, me squishing the foam as Raven fitted the cover, looks great. Raven hand stitched the inner muslin covers shut. The second one went smoother until the machine started acting up. I oiled it again, fixed, and finished the last cover. We stuffed it together.


Installed with pillows, it looks great. The bench cover will need to be painted darker. No more pictures of Raven’s work as it was covered last week and she painted some over black again.

Raven had to leave early. Neighbor Kit came by, showed him the new cushions. He’s interested to see my dinghy, made from a model enlarged. Good neighbor, good boat, great day.

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  1. Yikes, Danny, I just took a tour of your blog site. Man, this Gypsy wagon looks finnne. There’s some exquisite detail on this tiny home. And the inside accommodations, wow, the cushions are beautiful. When did you learn to sew like that? The descriptions of meals you and your friend fix, makes me wanta get up from the laptop and go fix something of my own in the kitchen. There’s still a lot on your blog page I need to catch up on and read. I’ll be checking back to see what new grand additions you do to the gypsy wagon. It’s looking really good.

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