Another beautiful day, sunshine, not bad for January. I was cooking up the chicken root soup as Raven arrived a little late from dancing. She brought a cloth bag of catnip from her garden, Betty and Rosie didn’t care, but Pepper got into it, stoned cat.


Good soup, stew really as I thickened it with flour, onion, mushrooms, chicken, carrot, parsnip, potatoes, fresh green beans, garlic and garden herbs, everything organic including chicken broth, maybe not the wine. Tasty stuff, served in the back yard dining room with a view. I should get a picture of that, maybe tomorrow and paste it in.

As I cooked Raven worked on detailing the front P arch, complaining about the heat, in January (?).


She later moved to the back working on the D side corner gilding all the way up, a bit left to do.


I spent the day at the sewing machine working on the red cushion covers. Had a heck of a time, hit the zipper and bent the needle, dang, one more needle left, last one. Then the machine started jamming, stuck with the material in it, opened it up down under and had to use a hammer to nudge the shaft just to get it loose. I oiled it, made a world of difference, running smooth now.


I hand stitched the zippers shut.  New full bobbin, forgot to lower the foot or turn on the feed dog, oops, jammed again. Finally got everything in order. I finished out the first cover and we stuffed it, me on the cushion compressing it as Raven put on the cover.  A nice fit. I finished out the second one as it was getting late. We stuffed it and got a picture as the sun hit the horizon.


Raven headed for home with soup for tomorrow as the sun set. A fine day.

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