Another fine day. The furnace is acting up, I vacuumed it and was checking it out as Raven arrived. The weather is beautiful, Raven wants to do more detailing with the break. I’m hungry, I’ll cook lunch, a chicken root stew, potatoes, carrots,  parsnip, onion, garlic and herbs from the garden, all organic, tasty. Raven had a big breakfast, ate later, I munched as she painted the back arch using the stencil I carved, but reduced the width considerably, it looks Arabic but cool. She couldn’t find the old corner stencil, cut a new one and covered the entire corner in a wave of patterns, looks really good.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The sewing machine is out of wack, looping underneath, a tension issue. I modified the feed from the huge spool up to a hook eye but it’s not right. The sewing machine store had an offset deal, I put in a couple nails, added a piece of cardboard to catch the lower thread, that helped but the thread comes loose, bent a nail up and adjusted the tensioner on the machine, it’s  working. I played with the  stitch length and zig-zag functions all good.

Time to change to the new zipper foot again, all this on a piece of muslin, it works on the right side. OK. I go in and watch the youtube video again on zippers, looks easy, not really.  The video says get close to the zipper coils, no, stay halfway out to prevent jamming. It’s difficult unzipping around the needle, nudge the stitch out a little more on the first run, avoid catching the thread in the zipper, it’s hard to clear. On the second run you’re making the center fold. That’s tricky to keep it even and straight, one section got twisted, good thing it will be against the wall.

I got all the zipper panels made, laid them out on the bench and remeasured  to 4 inches, zipper to center, cut to fit.



They’re a little offset, but with a 1/2″ seam and an 1/8″ requested smaller fit there is room to fudge.

The vacuuming seems to have fixed the furnace for now it’s working, a good day.

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