I was weeding the garden again as Raven parked. Vardo day begins.  She unloaded, returning my bat out of hell pendant I loaned her for her role playing mystery party. She told me about it, sounded fun.

As the landlord wants pictures of the garage front and back for flood insurance, Raven helped me move the last big pieces of the old trailer bed around to the side. We also moved my home made dinghy ‘Axford’ over and dragged the old futon down to the dump pile. It’s clean now, ready for a picture.

Raven pulled out some stencil pics that need cutting and started with the Exacto and cutting board, tedious work. I tried hooking up the new zipper foot I bought for the sewing machine, it fits fine and will work great on either side of the needle. The tension is all screwed up as I changed the spool feed to up to a cup hook instead of spooling as it hung up often. Now the thread is catching down under the bobbin. It needs some tweaking but it’s cold after yesterday’s rain.

I head in to help cut stencils instead, grab the Med Louke stencil not knowing what that means, a lot of three leaves and puffy flowers. This evening I looked it up at the site where we found it, red clovers, ah.

Getting hungry, I bought bagels, lox and cream cheese as Raven had requested, sounds good. That, avocado and shredded carrots made a fine meal.

Raven finished a rose cut out as I got half way. I noticed we have too many small stencils, we should have two large and one small door to finish.  I went out to the vardo and brought in the cardboard stencil folder. The rose and red clover are supposed to be large prints in the back of the folder with a vine print on the small door, dang.  We need to start over.


Break time, we walked down to the river, no mugwort left after the frost, it’ll be back in the spring. We saw a red tail hawk land in the tree, beautiful, took off again just for us.  We walk home.

At least the bigger prints have more clearance between the cuts. We both got half way done again. Here is the print from the back but flipped with Paint.



And the originals topside


Clovers and Roses. Meanwhile Raven mentioned she’ll need to get a crystal ball. I smiled and dug out my wizard bag, old jewelry stuff I’ve made long ago. I have a few small crystal balls I made, not really big enough, but fun to break out old art works. I gave her a marble size quartz ball (pocket size) and a raw piece of amber to play with.

We got quite a bit done in preparation for painting the last three cabinet doors, an error but useful smaller stencil.  I’ll need to tweak the sewing machine tension to get it right again, that will happen.  Warmer inside, with Metal music Ozzie stuff. A fine day.

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