I was pulling up the dead garden sunflowers as Raven pulled in. I offered her some fresh squeezed orange juice from Elliot’s tree and showed her the new refurb computer, much faster.

First thing we nailed the sink counter forward panel in so we could reassemble the benches. Raven started stenciling the cabinet door as I drove up to the Mercantile for some switch plate screws, Harry dug them out, 92 cents for 10, deal. I screwed in all the plates covering the switches (missed the one in the picture, got it later). I pulled out the tall ladder and re drilled and screwed the front sun/moon disk up top missing the screw that stopped it before, tight.

Raven cooked up lunch leftovers, a squash quiche (tasty) with tofu salad, all good. We ate in the vardo, very nice with the fancy table cloth.


As I need to get my car tuned we drove up town and dropped it at Luis’, heading for Joanne’s Fabrics for the cushion outer cover material. Raven picked out a crushed burgundy, end of the roll four and a half yards, just enough  if we use the extra few inches wide. I found zippers for the ends, 2 14s and 2 20s. I snuck off for a couple fancy knotted curtain ties for Raven’s birthday New Years eve, but called her in for a color check, it’s the thought. Straight for home. Picked up car fixed on the way.


We have fabric! Nice stuff, folded up for next time stitching. Raven removed the stencil with difficulty as it dried on, better to pull it damp, a bit of black fixed it. The first real cabinet door.


She and I worked in the living room cutting the stencils for the other doors, we finished two and a half, daisies, apple and hops, a few more to cut out.


Picture time and away, we’re getting there, with a bit of vacuuming to prep for re installing  the stove.



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