Raven showed up with coffee just as my friend Joe and I finished breakfast, perfect timing as she’d already eaten and coffee was in order. I crawled under the vardo sink with the vise grips to finish tightening the hanger bolt, a lag screw into the wood with a machine screw 1/4 20 for a wing nut to hold the sink counter in place, but still removable to meet health codes. Joe hooked in a flashlight to see better, thanks. I re drilled the counter frame bigger, hammered the bolt to bend it just so and fit it. Dang, the bolt is too short, backed it out a half inch, hammer bent it to fit, good. The next bolt under the stove was easier as I could keep the vise grips attached and go roundy round. Joe and I nudged and pushed until it fit with both wing nuts attached.
Meanwhile Raven painted the cabinet doors black on the inside trim, it looks good. We pulled out the D side bench so she could stain it.
Joe had to go home, good time. We picked up a nice bottle at Salvation Army yesterday.
Raven asked about the cabinet door stain as the one door is bare of stain. I got to thinking, ground a scrap cabinet piece on the sander, walked up the road to the black walnut tree, found a couple dry black husked nuts on the ground and brought them home. I put them in the small stainless frying pan with water and cooked them up. A deep dark color I had read about for making ink, wow. I applied some to the scrap piece, a bit light, but the color matches perfectly,a couple more coats for an exact match.
 I got a piece of rag and applied it to the cab door, beautiful after a few coats. Raven added a few more, then varnishes it over when it was dry, a perfect match, and organic locally grown, very cool.
Raven attached the sun moon disks to the center arches fore and aft as I prepared for my Christmas venture starting tomorrow. We packed up with a sip of Raven’s elecampane extract and headed for the theater to see the new second Hobbit movie, good flick, a cliff hanger of course.

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