Yesterday I made a batch of stuffed jumbo shell noodles for today, O spinach, faux cream cheese Boursin (garlic, thyme, green onion, parsley, heavy on Parmesan), grass fed ground beef and grilled onions, mozzarella rounds (the ones in whey), all smothered in a jar of home made thick tomato sauce with more beef, onions, garlic, garden herbs. Topped with mozzarella and Parmesan. Bake 400 for 20 minutes. Oh my, this stuff is fabulous.
Raven came down the hill carefully today, fortunately the windy mountain road has been treated for ice. We met at Bucky’s for coffee, took my car to the big town of Santa Rosa, Joanne Fabrics to price fabric for the gypsy wagon cushions, Raven likes the satin but prefers the purple velvet at twice the price. I picked up a bit of fabric for Santa. A quick stop at TJ’s and back to Raven’s rig. We stopped at the hardware store for silver paint, then home.
I popped the two bread pans in the oven, it’s cold outside, a good day to work inside. After lunch Raven pulled the last 3 small cabinet doors and brought them in, news papered the floor and painted the inner faces black in prep for flower stencils, then painted another sun/moon for the front center arch plus silver for aft too.
Meanwhile, I grabbed the 11×17 Apple print to cut out as a stencil. Cardboard is not a good backing as the knife slips in. I got the wooden cutting board, so much better. Raven needs to paint the edge of the sun/moon wheels gold, I bent a wire as an axle she could step on, that works. More black paint. A good day, not so much done but more in preparation.

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