An eventful weekend. Raven spent 2 nights in the vardo, so work got done days. Saturday morning we went to the farmers market for pineapple guavas, they’re so good and in season. She worked on the gold detailing above the door and back upper corners. You need to understand it takes a long time with a small brush filling the penciled in pattern, tedious.



I worked on making a frame around the fan and sewing the first muslin inner cover for the 14″ cushion. Here is a pic of the frame:


For lunch I made a really good batch of spaghetti sauce using the leftover frozen basil burgers from last week, a whole jar of the tomato sauce I’ve been cooking down, garden herbs and onion from the farmers market. That and whole wheat spaghetti, grated Parmesan, baked garlic rolls, so good. Served in the back yard dining room with a view .

Raven had to leave early for some event in Oakland, while I needed to get some things done in town. While there I stopped at Restore for a switch plate, found a nice metal fan grill that will need modifications at work and a good deal on 50 cent hinges I couldn’t pass up. A stop at the art store for more acrylic paint, paid rent (the real reason), and stopped at Home Depot looking for an outside 3″ vent, they didn’t have one, bummer, bought a cheap drain cover to try, too big. I’ll figure something out.

Late getting up today as Raven didn’t get in until 2am, I watched movies. Super windy outside, not a good day for outside work. As I found a working “Li’l Smoker” out back  in the trash pile I plugged it in, strung some marinated thin cut steak with some mesquite chips for jerky to try it out, not bad.

Raven worked inside the vardo painting the window frames black, a couple pics:




Later she dealt with the wind and penciled in some more stencil patterns around the outside upper corners.

Gary’s computer died, it’s been acting up, I brought up my old one, slower, loaded Google chrome, it works and I’m online again to write this.  I worked on the sewing machine, it messed up, kept jamming, tying knots in the lower section. Reloading the bobbin fixed it. I sewed Raven a few catnip pouches to dial it in, then finished out the other 14″ muslin cover. Raven and I fit it to the cushion, much easier with two people. They still need to be hand sewn shut, but they fit well.

Cushion covers

Daylight savings fall back and Raven’s late last night we quit early, but we got quite a bit done.

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