Raven had dreams of fans in the vardo last night, hmm. Breakfast in the backyard with a view, a walk to the apple tree, then off to town for coffee.  We stopped at the farmers market, pomegranates, beets for Raven, pineapple guavas for me and potatoes to go with the lunch burgers. Home.

Raven’s starts painting the details in gold, when the neighbor boy Jamin shows up. Good kid, wants to help paint. A time at the Dollar Store I picked up some water colors, break them out and paper, he’s happy. Mom comes by to get him, keep the paint.

I’d rather sew but the vent needs to go in. I read the directions and take it out of the box, lay out the lines on the wall behind the stove shelf. It will need a switch and box, I dig through the supplies and find one of each. All this came from Restore, habitat for humanity on the cheap, fan was $7, box and switch for a quarter each.  I cut out the paneling using the Fien multitool, careful not to cut deep as there are wires in there (power unplugged, saw on extension). The fan box won’t fit easily so I punch a couple holes in it and cut the tabs off, grinding them smooth on the lapidary sander. I remove the vent plastic exit with flap, slide the vent box into the wall. It fits, but the exit vent won’t fit as the wall is only 2 x 3, dang. Hungry, lunch break.

I pick some basil and herbs as Raven wants to do those organic pesto burgers again, sounds good to me.  As she cooks I remove the excess pink insulation, eek, with Dad’s knife and attach the electric box to the stud with screws, one partial loose for grounding wires.

Lunch is ready, burger patties, baked potato wedges, good cornichon pickles, garden tomato, arugula, lettuce and condiments, skip the buns, this is great.

After lunch I steal power from the upper socket on the side screws and route it to the switch box with 12 gauge Romex, wrapping the ground crimped and around the long screw to ground the switch box. Another piece of Romex up to the fan box. As the vent won’t fit I plan to cut the paneling and add a box over. I need a tight elbow to route the vent out, head for Bosworth’s up at the corner, Harry’s got a 4 piece bend cheap enough, I’ll take it, hmm, won’t really fit as there is no room for a large sweeping bend. Off to Garret’s next town over. They help me dig around, find a flex tube that will work on a sharp bend, good. Back home I bend it and cut it with Dad’s knife easy. As I have the measurement now I lay it out on the panel and cut it with the Fien tool, everything fits. Harry’s elbow even looks good out side, but temporary as I’ll get an outer flush vent cover at Home Depot. Finish the wiring with the switch on the neutral white, bad black twist crimp sealed, the fan wires twist crimped and ground attached to the fan box with the clip provided. Plug in the main, turn it on, it works, “Hey Rave, check it out.” She does the honor of turning it back off carefully as we’ll need another switch cover from Restore for a dime. Meanwhile she’s been painting the cupboards black for the stencil pictures.


Taken at an angle, a bit disorienting, but it’s Halloween soon. Here is the vent.


We need a switch cover and to box it in. I’ll make a new metal vent cover instead of the plastic. Here’s a shot of the detailed front window.

detail window

A good day.

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