A vardo day, we met at the flying goat cafe as Raven needed to hang a poster. We walked down to the Farmers Market through the plaza, setting up for a beer festival, tempting but work to do. I bought some corn, lemons and a cucumber for lunch. A brief stop at Safeway then home (forgot the lime water, Sonny’s corner store). I pulled out the salmon from the freezer the land lady gave me for fixing the neighbors stove, in a water bowl to defrost. Open the garage and set up the saw horses as Raven arrived.
She’s still working on the detail paint, burgundy today instead of black. I need to move the back running lights up so they don’t get smashed on a bump. Raven says up to the corner, she’ll redo the gold trim. It’ll take new brackets, I dig out a tarnished sheet of copper, pirate booty from the boat yard (“Taarrnished” says Raven), cut on the band saw, sander and punched with holes, Z bent in the vice. It works with a couple new wood holes for the bolts to hide in.
Lunch time, Raven broiled the salmon and corn. I picked a zucchini and steamed it. Cucumber, garden tomatoes, lemon, oh my.
Back to it, I punched a hole in the P (passenger) counter Formica with the router to except the tube for fridge electric. Dug through the screws to find a 1 3/4″ box, perfect to attach the P counter down. Clamped into place, drilled from beneath and screwed in three places, one near the door, two at the bench. I tacked down the counter luan end panel.
Raven reassembled the torn out bed for foam measurements. Total: 5′ 8″ (68″) X 39 3/4″. With the seats in 14″ below and 20″ back doubled should fit perfectly. I cut a piece of paper to model the necessary folds to make a cushion cover as Raven looked online for other examples. I think 4 seperate cushions, the backs Velcroed. This will work well as it’s all boxed in. (hmm, thought, could velcro the cushions together). I pulled out a piece of old foam for Raven to experiment next week.
A good day.

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