Today was mostly fun, Raven showed up 10ish early with coffee, yes, perfect. I opened the garage to get started when the phone rang, Cat, they’ll be here in 15 minutes, they’re early too. OK. Raven started painting black again, out front while it’s still shady. I dug out the drills, boat mattress, center punch, small square and hammer. I’ll need a pillow, grabbed a stack of cushions, under the frame to drill iron up.
Joe and the girls showed up about then, Mom Cat, Haven age 9 and Josie, age 5. They want to go to the river, but Haven wants a lemonade stand as Grandma Jane has a lemon tree.
I have some redwood 2x stock from Jane’s porch Joe gave me last year, I rip some 2x2s on the table saw for legs. Haven measures the plastic table at 26 1/2″, that will do. Break out the saw horses and jig saw, Joe cuts them to length as I crawl under the vardo D side, safety glasses on and drill pilot holes for the new spring brackets.
Next we need counter stock for the lemon aid stand, the plywood is too warped, let’s head out back, hammer and pry bar in hand. The land lord’s son chucked a bunch of old 1×12 shelving stock, we dig through the pile and find a decent piece, Joe pulls the big nails and we carry it home with a few apples from the tree nearby.
After he finishes pulling the nails I carry out the table saw with Joe’s help. As there is a bit of rot I cut 9 inches of the 11 1/2″ plank to clean it up, missing any nails. Haven marks her length of 4 feet by eye, she’s less then a 1/4″ off, good eye. Joe cuts 2 planks as Haven holds the stock. We’ll need some cross stock to hold the two planks together, I cut some 1 1/2″ stock from more of the same shelving stock in my scrap pile (I’ve used it often). Joe cuts it to length as I climb under and begin drilling the big holes in iron.
This is scary (the ‘not fun’ part) as the bit will jam when it clears the hole mostly through and the big 1/2″ drill will fly around. I’m holding it thumbs in, best prepared but nervous. I got it mostly through before the jam and took a break.
Joe has the parts cut, I dig out the other 2 drills for drill and screw. I drill as Haven screws them down with a bit of practice here, slow bit and push down hard, she gets it.
River time, I lead Josie and Haven to the best river swimming hole with shade, Joe and Cat along shortly. The water’s fine, I wade in to my knees fully dressed to keep me cool. Head home as they swim.
The vardo needs work, but a couple more quick cuts to provide 45 degrees triangulation for the lemonade stand. They are similar, the coffee vardo and the lemon aid stand.
I climbed under and finished punching through the hard iron with Raven’s help using a jack stand and 2×4 to lever the drill up. I finished the scary part by hand and back drilled to clear it then punched through fast.
I secured the new brackets after some adjustments with the rotary drill file, then tightened it all in place. New aft swing arms tightened, then loosened just right. It’s ready for the new springs and axle both sides.
Joe attached the legs to the stand as I grilled chicken, prepped salad and cooked corn. Dinner went well, the kids ate on the new lemon aid stand, we in our laps, plenty for all.
Another trip to the cool river, packed with families cooling, me  fishing, hooked a small bass released. Everyone went home, a great day.

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