Raven showed up around 10:30 as planned. We set up the saw horses, one set with the door bench, the others I put the P counter on. The Formica has been bubbling in the sun and I don’t like it, we have enough to do it again. Raven brought out the cabinet doors to paint light yellow as we got a whole quart last time at HD for $2 on the oops shelf and the right color.

I pealed off the old Formica with a putty knife and brute force, mostly it came up easy enough though one spot actually tore stuck. I went at it from the other way with the putty knife and freed it off. I’ve tried spray contact cement, then Liquid Nails, too many things. I broke out the belt sander and stripped it back down to wood mostly except the deep spots.  Inside the garage I clamped it sideways on the wood bench and cleaned the edges. Ready to try it again with thick coats of contact cement.

counter stripped


Raven brought some cooked wild boar meat, I shredded it with BBQ sauce, wheat sandwich rolls, local corn on the cob and some zucchini from the garden.  Great lunch. We talked of her camping trip last week in Humboldt Sinkyone lost coast.

The shadows moved so Raven moved into the summer living room between the house and garage to paint more. The yellow is all on, though some need a bit more varnish. She also painted the P bench top and back. That’s a lot.



I cut and added a piece of 1×2 behind the stove so the metal will have a good stop, that works. We need a cabinet wall where the fridge will go. I took measurements and found a piece of luan paneling that will fit. It took several cuts with the band saw as it has to clear the wheel well and be angled for the pitched outer wall, a little sanding on the lapidary and it fits.


As the cabinet doors are almost ready, I put a couple hinges on. We’ll need more screws so I went up to Harry’s corner store and picked up 28 brass screws. I told him gun bluing will make a good patina to match the hinges. Got home and used the bluing pen to match the color, with a cup of water (thanks Rave) to stop at the right tint. The doors will look good.


Pictures taken and posted here. A good day.



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