June first and a hot one, high nineties Fahrenheit. I picked up Raven up the mountain as her truck is misbehaving. Back to the house for a charcoal grilled trout, pok choi and garden snow peas stir fry with rice for lunch. Grabbed the cross lug wrench and headed to town.

Raven wanted to check out the Sonoma wildlife rescue center, sounds interesting and it’s an open house, very cool, live resident birds, mostly raptors, hawks, owls and falcons, oh my, beautiful birds right there. The barn owl was sleepy in the handlers gloved hand, two peregrines alert , a cooper hawk, small kestrel and a red tail. Right there in front of us with volunteers holding them up. Inside a tiny pigmy owl, awake and active days, several more birds in spacious cages, some 30 plus years old.  These birds can’t be wild as they wouldn’t survive due to injuries, but most are rehabilitated and set free.  Dad would’ve loved this. We listened to his bird song CD on the way to Pick n Pull.

Next stop, we need wheels to fit the vardo, 26″ dia.  545, or five lugs spaced 4.5″ from the center  of one to the opposite lug far side. We checked in at short of $5, with the lug wrench in hand. Hundreds of cars on welded wheel stands, and it’s really hot. We found one with the right size but it free spun, won’t come loose, found a tool , still no, let’s find another. This one is in front and isn’t spinning, loosened the nuts, free. The other side still had the cover on, took some doing but got off, two wheels.  I spun one along, Rave wanted a cart, OK. As I waited there was another wheel across the way, perfect rim match, lets get that. I was trying to loosen it up as Raven returned with the cart. A fellow customer helped hold the wheel with an extension as we freed it up, Thanks man. I still want a set of brake drums and a tow package but it’s too hot, next time. I haul the cart and we check out, as the tires are worn no charge, $24 (plus the $5 to get in),  $10 a wheel, what a score!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Next we headed to HD as we’ll need  some glazing compound for the windows and more paint. Rave brought the red empty can of Fahrenheit they matched, but there was an ‘oops’ quart can of yellow that looks like the right color to match the cupboard doors (indoor), only $2 a quart, major score normally $15.


Great day, we spent a little money, but saved a major portion and got the stuff we need to have.

When we got home, Raven broke out the fake stained glass decals I picked up at Sally’s and cut out adequate panels for the side windows, we fit them together, looks good, still temporary until I find the spray bottle or get a new one. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


It looks good. Not a whole lot done on the vardo itself, but a whole lot of acquisitions necessary to get it right. And a little and for the birds. Great day.


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