Yesterday I cut the bottom two 3/4″ x 1/2″ slats for the bench sides. Then I cut up some luan slats for Raven to fix the ceiling, I cut them 1″ wide as that seemed right, seven of them (we’ll need 5 plus ends) full 8′. They’ll need trimming to length.

I drove up the hill this morning to pick her up and back, stopping in Healdsburg for paint and some new garden herbs.  Planted the herbs when we got home and cooked up a batch of grass fed beef and roots stew. lunch in the vardo at the table. Discussions of cabinet door handles over lunch. Rave got the dishes.

We started on the ceiling slats,  cut one slat just a bit long, put masking tape on the end and marked the correct length on the tape, then cut another one to match. Lay up the next one and move the tape or mark as necessary. Raven took that on. She got all cut and the first three attached. The first one on the door end weeped sealant a lot, took a while to clean up, looks good. The lamp posed a problem, Raven worked it out with angle cuts to fit.



I started working on the stairs, cut one of the disassembled steps from the pirate booty, wow, it’s mahogany, excellent wood. I cut it to fit in the old notches as we need a 45 degree stair and these are too steep, glued in the pieces, left in the sun to dry awhile, then cut the new notches on the table saw. I had trouble with the cross slide as its not the right one and wouldn’t keep a decent angle, figured it out. Not perfect but it’ll work. Here’s a pic but it needs to have upright support and a cross for triangular strength.  The upper wood above the step will be trimmed, but it would be nice to have a wider top step, TBD, a work in progress.


Another good day.


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