Did a little more on the vardo. Jayden, the 7 year old next door hung out most of the day and the power went out for a few hours, but still.
I forgot to mention yesterday, “I did finish gluing the serve counter, its under the clamps. Thinking to glue the serve face tomorrow when the clamps are freed up. I put gun bluing on that cabinet pull handle, worked great, do you want me to do the other 6?”
Today I put the benches and table back in, though it still needs the sides, faces and hinges.
I glued up the P side cabinet face using the yellow Titebond wood glue and all the clamps I could find including the little colored plastic ones. I cleaned the floor of drips using the wet sponge. I took apart the pirate booty ladder, good thing as half the screws were rotted in half, not very safe. Looking at it, I think we could cut new step notches by turning it over so the old notches run vertical. We only need 2 steps up, there are 4, so we could rip one and fill the old notches, then cut the new notches less steep and cut the bottom to match. I sanded one rung bottom on the belt to see the wood, seems to be redwood not mahogany as I thought, still good. I have more of that to use as an upright in front and an ‘A’ brace to make it free standing. I want your opinion on the stair angle.  Painted should look good.
That’s about it, though Jayden practiced hammering and pulling nails, straightening the bent ones. I told him about the table saw, never stand behind it and use push sticks and safety glasses, sent him outside and cut the P side shelf a little smaller to fit better as it spat chunks into my beard and everywhere, a good example. He made an airplane and stuff, preferring the glue. He gradually went home when the power came on.
A good day.

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